Another Star Trek Game Is On The Way, And It’s Not Resurgence

The Star Trek: Mission Chicago event featured a special announcement of an upcoming game, and it's something they have never done before.

By Jason Collins | Published

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There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the Star Trek gaming franchise after the announcement of Star Trek Resurgence at the last year’s Game Awards, as fans wait for elderly Spock to share more of his wisdom in the upcoming game. However, another game was announced during the Star Trek: Mission Chicago event — the Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova — a video game based on the 2021’s Star Trek: Prodigy animated series.

According to ComicBook, the announced Star Trek video game will focus primarily on the younger audience, just like the animated television show. The purported game is expected to hit all the consoles and the PC, but details beyond that remain fairly limited. The announcement itself came just after fans attending the expo began to see signs of its upcoming reveal, as the event featured overhead banners revealing the game’s key art and the name of the title. According to the game’s publisher, Outright Games, this will be the first game specifically made for younger Star Trek fans. This is a market that the franchise and their parent company Paramount seem recently more interested in engaging with.

Admittedly, targeting a younger audience is perhaps best done through mobile gaming, but that would include free-to-play models with extensive monetization — which could ultimately sink the entire ship, considering just how tightly the politicians have been squeezing game makers over their predatory monetization practices. So, instead of releasing on mobile platforms, the upcoming Star Trek game is expected to hit PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles due to their dominance on the market, caused by the ongoing semiconductor shortages.

The game will also be available on Nintendo Switch and PC; the former currently dominates console sales, and the latter dominates the overall gaming market. Therefore, omitting these platforms would be equal to folly. Unfortunately, the exact price tag of the upcoming game and its release window still remains unknown. Considering that the game was just announced, we can expect it to spend another 6-18 months in the development cycle before we get a definitive release date.

As noted above, Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova is based on the Prodigy animated series that debuted on Nickelodeon last year, centering around a mischievous group of teenagers on an abandoned Federation starship. The show is part of the extended universe, canonically taking place after Star Trek: Voyager, which debuted in 1995, followed by the Star Trek: Enterprise series. It brought back the Voyager star Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway’s hologram that helps out the teens aboard the Starfleet ship.

Besides the game’s box art, there aren’t many details surrounding the upcoming game. Its developer, Outright Games, is known for licensing various family titles oriented toward the youngest, including several Paw Patrol games, and My Friend Peppa Pig, which are both absolute hits among the younger audience. The final piece of information we can offer to Star Trek fans interested in the game is that Outright Games plans to reveal more about the title on their official YouTube channel next month.