How Tall Is Peppa Pig? Controversy About Her Height Is Solved

By David Harrison | 28 seconds ago

peppa pig height, how tall is peppa pig

It isn’t often that a fairly popular cartoon character would make massive internet waives about his or her proportions. Cartoons are what they are, animated characters running around the screen saying and doing silly things. But when it came to one character, there was a time when a fierce debate erupted over the character’s size. That was when fans wondered about how tall is Peppa Pig, and specifically, what was Peppa Pig’s height? Can’t imagine how this seemingly innocent, and totally irrelevant piece of information could have so many people talking? Let’s look at exactly what happened and determine, once and for all, Peppa Pig’s height.


Ok, if you have kids you probably already know this answer, having likely been treated to Peppa Pig episodes during the height of her popularity. The show, Peppa Pig, has been on the air since 2004 originally broadcasting on Channel 5 for British audiences and Nick Jr. here in the states. The ins and the outs of the series are pretty simple though most of it doesn’t wonder how tall is Peppa Pig throughout.

Peppa Pig and her family in the little house on the hill and get up to all sorts of silly, though very quick, stories in every episode. Peppa lives with Daddy, Mummy, and her brother George, and interacts with other families of different animal types. There are the Rabbits, Moles, and Sheep among many others, all of whom live in and around this setting as friends to Peppa and her clan.

How tall is Peppa Pig or Peppa Pig’s height is rarely a central piece of the story, each episode is a quick hitter, lasting only a few minutes at a time. They are simple in nature with comedic elements that often play on the fact that the characters are, you know, pigs. There’s an abundance of mud-related jokes and Daddy Pig often has some kind of issue that would warrant significant embarrassment if the dude were actually a human being. It’s one of the reasons the show works so well for kids.

Peppa Pig’s age is four years old, something that will factor in later when we discuss Peppa Pig’s height. The characters are crudely drawn as part of the overall gestalt and theme of the show. It’s meant to be simple almost for simplicity’s sake, giving more credence to the interaction of the characters and their relationships. And this version of animation does allow for a more repeatable process. It’s one of the ways Peppa Pig has aired more than 350 “episodes” over its seven-season run.


So where does the controversy, or at least surprise come when we discuss Peppa Pig’s height? After all, this kind of question doesn’t come up with the same volume and veracity as the many other animated characters out there. It’s because the question really stems from an initial Google search around the query back in 2019. That was when Twitter user @memeulous posted the results of the first search for how tall is Peppa Pig? To which there was a very (very) disturbing number given for Peppa Pig’s height. Check out where this all started:

Peppa Pig’s height is 7’1” (seven feet, one inch)?! Are you kidding me? Memeulous was rightfully terrified at this prospect considering this is a size usually reserved for NBA centers, the tallest men out there in the public sphere. Now imagine an animated pig the size of Shaquille O’Neal or Joel Embiid and you have the thing that horror movies are made of. This simple post, by a guy with a massive Twitter following, was enough to really spark significant internet traffic and buzz.


peppa pig height, how tall is peppa pig

If Peppa Pig’s height was actually 7’1” then what would that mean for the likes of Daddy, Mummy, and George? Well, this is where things actually get even scarier. By proportions, related to the basically screen images for the Pig family, if this is how tall Peppa Pig is then that would put Daddy at a whopping 14’2”, Mummy around 11’6”, and George at around 4’5”. By comparison, especially where Daddy Pig is concerned, the 14-foot height would make him larger than your standard Tyrannasaruous Rex. So if you are seeing Jurassic World this summer, take a gander at some of those monsters and then superimpose an animated pig that likes to roll around in muddy puddles and fall asleep on the couch. 


I think we can agree that (hopefully) the original Peppa Pig height of 7’1” was made in error at some point. Or it was something just having a laugh that ended up catching on. If that isn’t the case then we are actually watching a monster television series and not just some wistful animated fare.

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Speculation around the internet is that Peppa Pig is actually somewhere around 3’9” (three feet, nine inches tall). This would be the standard or average height for a four or five-year-old human. Sure, that’s still a little off-putting when we are thinking about a pig, but it’s much more palatable than the other version that had Peppa Pig towering over people. And this updated height would, of course, reset everything about the rest of the family. No reason to think of Daddy and Mummy Pig as glancing into the second-story window of an average home.


Peppa Pig’s heigh aside, there’s certainly going to be much more of this character and her family going forward. That’s because the series has actually been renewed through 2027 and there are plenty of more episodes on the way. The award-winning series has gained a foothold in the United States, and really around the world on the back of its simplicity, quick wit, kind-hearted characters, and short and sweet episodes. There’s a reason generations of kids have now grown up with Peppa and that will continue to happen well into the future. And at least we don’t need to imagine Peppa Pig’s height as looking down on us like a giant monstrosity.

Peppa Pig should return for its eighth season sometime in 2022, muddy puddles and all.