See The New Legend Drag Friends To Safety In Apex Legends Update

By Douglas Helm | 3 days ago

apex legends

Adding new heroes to Apex Legends certainly mixes up the gameplay, and the newest addition to the roster is going to change defensive strategies in a big way. Newcastle will be included in the next Apex Legends update and one of his most unique abilities is dragging friends to safety when they’re being revived. Check out the video below to see Newcastle in action:

Newcastle is meant to be a knight of sorts and his skillset definitely matches that personality. As you can hear in the trailer, Newcastle leaves no one behind. Since Apex Legends is loaded with offensive characters, it seems like the perfect time to add another defensive legend. What sets Newcastle apart from other defensive characters is his ability to protect teammates, instead of just protecting himself.

Newcastle’s Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate skills all show off his defensive capabilities in the trailer. Newcastle’s Passive skill is definitely his most unique attribute. It’s called Retrieve the Wounded and it allows Newcastle to throw up a shield while he revives characters. Not only will the shield protect himself and the other player while he revives them, but it also allows him to drag the player to a safer area or to an area with better coverage. No other hero in Apex Legends has an ability like this, so Newcastle is definitely bringing something unique to the table. This skill will allow players to take a lot more risk when it comes to healing teammates since they don’t have to worry about getting shot down themselves when they make the attempt. This Revive Shield is powered by Newcastle’s Knockdown Shield, so if you manage to find a higher-level Knockdown Shield, you can increase the effectiveness of this skill. This adds another interesting strategic layer to playing as Newcastle.

Newcastle’s Tactical skill is built with defense in mind too. His Technical skill is Mobile Shield which throws up an energy barrier that can provide Newcastle and other teammates with moving cover. The shield is able to rotate and it deflects fire while also allowing teammates to move through it without damage. Of course, the Mobile Shield isn’t indestructible. You can focus your fire on the top or bottom half to remove some of the coverage. Offensive characters in Apex Legends should be able to get through the shield with an effective strategy.

Last, but not least, is Newcastle’s Ultimate skill. His Ultimate is called Castle Wall and allows Newcastle to jump a great distance and slam his shield into the ground. This throws up a massive energy barrier with knockdown effects and that causes damage and slowdown to enemies who try to push through. You can also lock on to enemies with this Ultimate to jump and slam your shield on them. Newcastle will be the fifth defensive legend on the roster. With there already being nine offensive legends, this should definitely bring some balance. If you want to play as Newcastle in Apex Legends, you’ll have to wait until May 10 when Season 13: Saviors launches.