Apex Legends Leak Reveals The Next Nine Characters?

Nine of them?

By Jason Collins | Published

apex legends

This year, the holiday season came early for Apex Legends, as the game’s leak and data mining community just revealed a ton of screenshots, footage, unreleased maps, legends, weapons, cosmetics, and approximately two years’ worth of content dumped on their ApexUncovered subreddit yesterday morning. The leak came in the form of a packed folder anonymously uploaded to file-hosting sites and shared on Reddit.

The folder containing leaked files has since been taken down, but according to Polygon, it contained information, datamined text, designs, and abilities for nine new legends. One of those heroes expected to arrive at the game is Newcastle, a defense legend who can create fortifications on the game’s map. The leak also contains a preview of the new map, called Divided Moon, that’s still under construction, while several heroes are getting the heirlooms. But that isn’t all.

While the Divided Moon is still under construction, currently based on blockout textures and assets, several other arena maps have also been leaked in the latest drop, including the updated Storm Point and King’s Canyon maps. The leak also includes new training ground challenges and options, and plenty of character customization skins in various stages of completion, among other miscellaneous changes the upcoming contents were supposed to bring to Apex Legends.

Ultimately, this Apex Legends leak is the equivalent to empty calories of the gaming world, as it satisfies the community’s burning desire for more but offers very little in terms of value-added or potentially added to the game. The previous leaks also revealed several new legends ahead of schedule, and while some of them did appear later in the game, others were completely canceled or heavily reworked into something entirely different. This means that it’s entirely possible for some of the nine purported legends leaked this week to arrive looking and playing dramatically different than originally imagined.

This isn’t the first time Respawn Entertainment dealt with such leaks. The developer in charge of Fallen Order 2, which might released sooner than expected, suffered an Apex Legends leak one entire year before the game launched, revealing the image of King’s Canyon, the game’s original map. Not only that, but fans also got ahead of several heroes that have already been launched and several in-game events.

Even the game’s publisher, Electronic Arts, suffered a massive data leak nearly a year ago when a hacker collective breached the company’s firewall and stole almost a terabyte of data (approx. 1000 GB). The hackers originally tried selling the data on the dark web, offering full control over EA’s services for $28 million. However, after failing to sell the data online, hackers attempted to extort EA for an undisclosed sum, but the Apex Legends publisher ignored the hackers’ request entirely.

In the end, hackers dumped the stolen data on public torrent sites, which found its way to numerous prying eyes burning with the desire to gaze upon the upcoming contents of EA’s future releases. If only we have found evidence of Battlefield 2042’s poor optimization, things might’ve been different. Luckily, it would seem that the current Apex Legends leak isn’t related to EA’s missing data in any way,