Netflix Gritty Crime Thriller Is Your Greatest Day Turning Into A Nightmare

By Charlene Badasie | Published

your lucky day

The 2023 action thriller Your Lucky Day is streaming on Netflix. Written and directed by Daniel Brown, the movie stars Angus Cloud (who tragically died before the movie was released), Elliot Knight, Jessica Garza, Mousa Hussein Kraish, Sterling Beaumon, Jason Wiles, Jason O’Mara, Sebastian Sozzi, and Spencer Garrett.

It Begins In A Convenience Store

your lucky day

Your Lucky Day begins by introducing viewers to a group of strangers in a small convenience store. The store owner, Amir (Mousa Hussein Kraish), is behind the counter alongside his brother. Sterling (Angus Cloud) appears suspicious as he skims through a magazine. Ana (Jessica Garza), noticeably pregnant and still clad in her waitress attire, lingers near the ice cream freezer.

Her boyfriend Abraham (Elliot Knight), who just finished his piano gig at the mall, is beside her. An off-duty security guard roams the aisles while Mr. Laird (Spencer Garrett) stands at the counter, chatting about money. Amid his disrespectful demeanor towards Amir, Mr. Laird purchases a lottery ticket and promptly wins $156 million.

Things Heat Up Quickly

However, his boastful celebration incites irritation among the others, who could have benefited from such a windfall. Sterling takes action, demanding the ticket from Mr. Laird, leading to a confrontation that escalates quickly. Chaos ensues as shots are fired, sealing the fate of everyone present in the store.

In an instant, the unrelated individuals in Your Lucky Day become trapped in a collective crisis.

Customers Become Hostages

Sterling finds himself in the role of a hostage-taker. As tensions rise, the allure of the lottery ticket becomes a focal point, drawing attention from the hostages and the authorities outside, including the SWAT team. At its core, Your Lucky Day tells the story of how wealth trumps concerns for safety or morality, showcasing the universal grip of financial desperation.

Release And Reception

your lucky day

Your Lucky Day premiered at the 2023 Fantastic Fest. It was released in theaters in November of that same year and became available via video on demand a few days later. Despite the challenges posed by the 2023 SAG-AFTRA strike, the cast actively promoted the film as the production team secured an interim agreement with the union.

Your Lucky Day debuted on Netflix in the United States in March 2024 in the platform’s top 10. The film earned positive reviews from critics and currently holds an 86 percent approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes. The audience score stands at an impressive 68 percent based on over 50 viewer ratings.

Netflix Scoops It Up

Streaming sites like Netflix are more willing to take a chance on indie films like Your Lucky Day than large studios, as they have a more democratized distribution process. This allows indie filmmakers to showcase their work globally and retain ownership, empowering them to reach a wider audience without the traditional barriers faced in theaters.

Angus Cloud’s Tragic Passing

your lucky day

The movie marked one of Angus Cloud’s final performances before his death on July 31, 2023. The 25-year-old actor was found unresponsive at his family’s residence in Oakland, California. The cause of his untimely demise was determined to be an accidental overdose of multiple drugs.

After his death, Brown dedicated Your Lucky Day to Cloud, which closes with the words “For Angus.”

Cloud’s Career

your lucky day

Despite having no prior acting experience, Cloud was scouted by Euphoria’s casting director while working at a restaurant in Brooklyn. His portrayal of Fezco, a compassionate drug dealer, earned him praise and expanded his role in the series’ second season. Cloud also ventured into music videos and film, including appearances in The Perfect Women, North Hollywood, The Line, and Your Lucky Day