Wonder Woman Franchise Going To Someone New

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

patty jenkins wonder woman

There is little argument against the suggestion that Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman is one of the best aspects of the DC Universe. However, it seems that we will not be getting another Wonder Woman installment from the DC director. Amid rumors that Wonder Woman 3 may not be happening at all at this point, it seems that if the third installment to the franchise does get created, Jenkins will not be a part of it, and DC will need to find another director, according to ScreenRant.

After the second film in the franchise, Wonder Woman 1984, was finished with production in 2020, Warner Bros. and Patty Jenkins were actively working on the threequel to the popular Wonder Woman series. Gal Gadot was confirmed to reprise her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, though no other cast members had yet to be confirmed as returning, and no release date had yet been set. Despite a few hiccups on the road, including the initiation of James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over DC’s cinematic plan, Wonder Woman 3 was still expected to hit theaters in the near future. 

However, the turbulent path that Wonder Woman 3 has been following might end up with the current development in the scrap heap, or else the film might be canceled entirely. These rumors arise after Patty Jenkins reportedly turned in a treatment for the third Wonder Woman film and was asked to rewrite it entirely as the story no longer fits with DC’s new plans. These reports come after Warner Bros. heads Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy already asked Jenkins to re-write her initial treatment.

patty jenkins wonder woman

Reportedly, Patty Jenkins disagrees with the studio and believes that they do not understand the character of Wonder Woman or her story. Apparently, Jenkins is not interested in reworking the film again and would rather leave the studio and let someone else take over the job.

Patty Jenkins leaving the Wonder Woman franchise could make the future of the series take any number of paths. DC might hire another director who meshes better with their creative plans and can develop a film that matches the new direction the studio is going, or the studio might decide to scrap the threequel altogether to focus more on their other projects. This is just one more franchise whose fate is up in the air during this transitionary period at Warner Bros. Discovery.

However, there is one positive if Patty Jenkins is truly leaving Wonder Woman behind. In 2020, Jenkins was set to direct a fighter-pilot-based Star Wars film called Rogue Squadron. However, after years of pre-production, the film was removed from Lucasfilms’ release slate in September 2022.

Apparently, Patty Jenkins had left Rogue Squadron behind due to both creative differences and to devote her time to Wonder Woman 3. Now, if Jenkins ends up leaving Wonder Woman 3 (ironically for the same reasons), her schedule opens up, and she may have enough time to work through the creative differences with Lucasfilms, and Rogue Squadron might begin production again.

As it always is with these things, all we can do is wait and see what ends up happening with Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman.