WandaVision Is So Popular People Can’t Watch It

By Faith McKay | 2 months ago


Have you been able to watch the season finale of WandaVision on Disney+? Consider yourself lucky. Thousands of fans were greeted with error messages of doom as they attempted to be some of the first to watch the finale when it launched at midnight on the West Coast. The service Downdetector found that 2,300 users were unable to watch the episode early in the day. Many of those affected lived in the Los Angeles area, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, and Vancouver, BC. While the Disney+ site would still load, the episode itself displayed an error message that left fans stuck waiting to find out how it all ends. 

This isn’t the first time WandaVision has had too many viewers for Disney+ to handle. The streaming service experienced similar difficulties in February when they launched episode seven. If frustrated Twitter posts are anything to judge by, a lot of the same users have been experiencing the error messages week to week as episodes have dropped. A lot of these fans are people who stay up late specifically to watch the episode as soon as possible. 

The pain of being a dedicated and passionate fan thwarted by connectivity issues is a real one. Add sleep deprivation to that, and you can bet Disney+ had a lot of angry support messages from WandaVision fans desperate to know how the season ends. Hopefully, once fans made it through the error messages halting the episode, they knew to wait through the credits. Just like a Marvel film, this Marvel Cinematic Universe television series has two post-credits scenes that the most dedicated fans will need to see.

The post-credits scenes are another touch for Marvel fans that have made WandaVision a new thing for both Marvel and for streaming as a whole. The show is a sitcom, but it’s action-driven. It’s a television show for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It features characters from the movies. However, it’s a standalone experience. Dedicated Marvel fans are tuning in every week. They’re staying up late to watch it. But among WandaVision’s fans are also casual viewers of the Marvel films who just fell in love with this story of grief. Even the way they released the show, one episode per week, is an anomaly on streaming services. It may very well be that Disney+ and other streaming channels will consider the success from WandaVision and what they can take from it for future projects.

As for the finale, those who have already seen the latest WandaVision episode are left with tons of questions. Of course, some of those questions revolve around the episode itself. How will the show be going forward? What will happen next? What can they tell us about Scarlet Witch costume? And how will the events from the show affect the plots for the Marvel movies?

wandavision finale post-credits scarlet witch

But there are also questions surrounding production. While WandaVision appears to be a huge success for the streaming service, Disney hasn’t confirmed that a Season 2 will definitely happen. When they do, hopefully, they’ll have a better setup for fans on the West Coast who stay up to watch the episodes as soon as they premiere.

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