See Tom Hiddleston As Young Palpatine In Star Wars

By Doug Norrie | 1 week ago

loki tom hiddleston

One of the glories of the modern age is no longer having to wonder about what certain actors would look like in different iconic roles. From deepfake technology all the way to just simple photoshopping, we have seen all manner of actors and actresses in a variety of different franchises just for the fun of it. And lately, it has been something of a theme to see what Marvel characters would look like in the Star Wars franchise. That’s what we got today with an imagining of Tom Hiddleston in another villain role, this one of the worst out there. We got a look at him as Emperor Palpatine, one of the worst dudes out there in the, well, galaxy. 

The Tom Hiddleston art comes from the Facebook page Just Jedi Things and has him on front and center on his own movie poster. Forget all the nominal fun we’ve had with Loki in the short term, the Trickster God getting his relative comeuppance over the last season of his very own Disney+ series. Now things get really serious with Hiddleston occupying a darker space and tone in this artwork, bringing some red eyes and that stoic smirky facade we’ve seen so many times. But in this one, it has a much different context. Check out Tom Hiddleston as Sheev Palpatine here:

Now, the Just Jedi Things account page is quick to ask Disney to make this happen and this is by no means actual art for an upcoming series or movie. There hasn’t been any talk of the Star Wars franchise giving Palpatine his own standalone project. Frankly, we might have gotten our fill of him after the events of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The decision to retcon some aspects of previous stories in order to jam the Emperor in at the end didn’t exactly land with many of the franchise faithful, but it doesn’t mean his backstory isn’t worth exploring at some point. 

Though Tom Hiddleston isn’t going to take on this role anytime soon, there is some chance we get Palpatine’s backstory in some form. Rumors abound that Leslye Headland’s The Acolyte will feature Darth Plagueis and might also give us some glimpses (or more) of a young Sheev along the way. That series is still in development now and the story is mostly under wraps, but it is sure shaping up to be a Sith-laden story, exploring much more of the Dark Side than we have seen in the past. 

As for Tom Hiddleston, he is coming off a successful first season of Loki on Disney+ that literally reset the reality for the whole universe in one winding story about the Time-Variant Authority and the “man” behind it Kang the Conqueror. The series was excellent, reestablishing Hiddleston as one of the very best talents in the whole franchise. The series was fantastic, putting his talent on full display in something of a redemption story for the character that still manages to have things go completely off the rails. By the end, when he has landed back in the TVA only to realize the stuff has really hit the fan was a masterstroke. So no Star Wars for now, but more Loki hopefully.