The Theo James End Of The World Movie On Netflix Deserves A Second Chance

By Steven Nelson | Published

theo james

If you’ve ever wondered how the dashing Theo James might fare at the end of the world, Netflix has the answer for you. From stealing hearts in the Divergent series to navigating the tumultuous landscape of love and family in How It Ends, James continues to prove his versatility as an actor.

This time, Theo James is swapping out dystopian Chicago for a cross-country race against time amidst mysterious apocalyptic chaos. Get ready to buckle up and join him on this intense journey, streaming now on Netflix!

theo james

Our man Theo James plays Will, a young lawyer who’s just about to become a dad. Great news, right? But when you throw in the fact that he’s currently at odds with his father-in-law, Tom (played by the equally impressive Forest Whitaker), things start to get a bit complicated. And, of course, what better time for mysterious cosmic events to start wreaking havoc all over the country?

Theo James and Forest Whitaker are on a dystopian road trip in How it Ends

As if family drama wasn’t enough, Theo James as Will wakes up to find out that something big and terrifyingly unknown is spreading across the West Coast. Flights are grounded, communications are kaput, and chaos reigns.

Determined to get back to his pregnant fiancée, Samantha, on the other side of the country, Will teams up with none other than his skeptical father-in-law in a desperate cross-country drive.

Forest Whitaker and Theo James

The journey is anything but a casual road trip. We’re talking collapsed highways, trigger-happy folks, and the ever-looming unknown threat. Throughout their adventure, Will and Tom aren’t just navigating the physical challenges of a world falling apart; they’re also trying to mend the rifts in their personal relationship. Because nothing says bonding like surviving the end of the world together, right?

Nicole Ari Parker and Grace Dove join Theo James in the cast, adding layers and further complications to Will and Tom’s already intense trip. Each character they encounter provides another piece of the puzzle to the mysterious events unfolding around them.

If you’re looking for an edge-of-your-seat thriller that isn’t just about the external chaos but also the internal dynamics of relationships under pressure, How It Ends might just be your next binge-watch.

Initial Reception For Theo James In How It Ends

When How It Ends first landed on our screens, let’s just say that critics didn’t exactly roll out the red carpet for it. They took issue with various aspects of the film – from pacing concerns to feeling that the movie didn’t fully capitalize on its intriguing premise. Some critics opined that it had a buffet of potential but left viewers feeling they only got appetizers instead of the full meal. Heck, it’s sitting at just 17 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, as the saying goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and while critics might not have been in its corner, many audience members found value in its tense atmosphere, relationship dynamics, and the gripping road-trip-gone-wrong scenario. Not to mention, Theo James and Forest Whitaker’s performances gave viewers enough reason to stay invested.

When it first came out, How it Ends scored poorly with critics

Now, with a bit of distance from its initial release, there’s a case to be made for giving How It Ends a second look. Firstly, our taste in movies evolves over time. What we may not have appreciated a few years ago could strike a different chord now.

Secondly, the theme of global chaos and its impact on interpersonal relationships feels eerily more relevant in our current world. As we’ve navigated our own brand of global chaos in recent years, the idea of reconnecting, understanding, and survival amidst uncertainty feels all too familiar.

Plus, Theo James still tracks. He’s coming off a great run in HBO’s second season of The White Lotus. And coming up he has a couple of different series in the works. There’s David Copperfield with Richard Armitage and Helena Bonham Carter. Plus, there’s The Gentleman, a series that falls in the same world as the Guy Ritchie movie with Matthew McConaughey.

In the comfort of your living room, with tempered expectations, it might just be the right time to revisit How It Ends. Even if it’s not destined to become your favorite film, it offers an opportunity to reflect on resilience, reconnection, and the lengths we’d go to for the ones we love.