The Supernatural Horror Movie Streaming On Netflix That Is Pure Evil

By Steven Nelson | Published

the wretched

In a market saturated with horror flicks, each vying to outdo the other in gore and jump scares, The Wretched distinguishes itself by harkening back to the roots of the genre. Now streaming on Netflix, this chilling tale crafts a seamless blend of classic witch folklore with a modern twist, ensnaring viewers in its eerie narrative from the very beginning. 

Embark on a sinister journey with The Wretched, where the darkness isn’t just in the woods but closer home, lurking where you least expect it. Prepare yourself to be immersed in a suspense-filled cinematic experience that rekindles the genuine art of horror storytelling.

The Wretched is an independent horror movie streaming on Netflix

In the heart of a small, seemingly tranquil town, The Wretched unfolds a harrowing tale that is bound to send chills down your spine. The film introduces us to Ben, a teenager who moves in with his father for the summer.

As he tries to adjust to his new surroundings and the dynamics of a family undergoing separation, Ben soon finds himself caught in an utterly terrifying series of events that threaten to consume him and everyone he holds dear.

From the directorial duo Brett and Drew T. Pierce, The Wretched narrative plunges into a sinister world where an ancient witch has awakened from her slumber. This malevolent entity is not just satisfied with haunting the woods, but decides to infiltrate the homes of the unsuspecting residents, slowly possessing and erasing the loved ones from the memories of the family members, effectively wiping their existence.

In The Wretched, a dark force resides in the skin of the woman next door

Ben quickly becomes aware that something is deeply wrong, and as he probes deeper, he discovers the horrifying truth. A dark force, residing in the skin of the woman next door, is at work, manipulating and preying on the families in the neighborhood. With the adults entrapped in the witch’s deceptive web, it falls upon Ben to stand up against the dark forces.

Aided by his newfound friend Mallory, he embarks on a perilous mission, navigating through a series of chilling encounters and heart-stopping moments that will keep the audience at the edge of their seats. The storyline carefully builds tension, leaving viewers grasping for any semblance of safety as they witness Ben’s descent into a world of darkness and fear.

In The Wretched, fear permeates through the familiar settings of everyday life, making it an unsettling reflection of the vulnerability that lies in the ordinary. The presence of the witch is an ever-looming threat, seeping into the cracks of daily life, turning familial love into a curse, and neighbors into potential threats.

the wretched

The film excels in creating a haunting atmosphere with a meticulous blend of sound design and visual imagery that keeps the audience immersed in a state of dread. As the storyline unfolds, viewers will find themselves engrossed in a rich lore that is woven with threads of ancient witchcraft and folklore, further enhancing the dark and foreboding tone of the film.

The Wretched lays claim to the darker corridors of the horror genre, epitomizing a brand of fear that seeps into the crevices of the everyday and the familiar. This is a movie that doesn’t just aim to startle; it builds a profound sense of dread that lingers well beyond its runtime.

The directors, Brett and Drew T. Pierce, display a masterful grasp of horror dynamics, meticulously crafting scenes that are both visually distressing and psychologically unsettling.

The witch, an embodiment of ancient fears and primal horrors, is portrayed with a chilling menace that invades the sanctity of home and family. Every interaction with this entity is a spine-chilling encounter, a dance with something truly malevolent.

The Wretched offers an intense, thrilling, and deeply unsettling journey into the dark realms of horror

Moreover, the movie doesn’t shy away from displaying visceral moments that can induce a genuine sense of revulsion and fear.

In conclusion, The Wretched offers an intense, thrilling, and deeply unsettling journey into the dark realms of horror. With a gripping storyline, convincing performances from a capable cast, and a villain that embodies the primal fears lurking in the human psyche, it’s a modern horror tale that succeeds in resurrecting the raw, visceral fear that the genre was built upon.