The Boys Season 4 Reveals Victory For Homelander

By Jeffrey Rapaport | Published


Fans of Amazon’s hit series, The Boys, will be interested to learn the latest news concerning season 4. The season’s first promo images signal a political victory for the Seven’s head honcho, Homelander. If these promo pictures are anything to go by, the ruthless Homelander (played by Antony Starr) and his Vought superhero cadre should end up celebrating a very satisfying Election Day. 

Butcher Loses

Such an eventuality would spell out a harsh setback for Billy Butcher (portrayed by Karl Urban) and his vigilante group. At the peak of an in-universe presidential election, and commencing not long after the first season of its spinoff, Gen VThe Boys Season 4 seems primed to jump immediately into a gripping narrative. 

In the above image, Butcher gazes despondently at a floor awash in celebratory remnants of an Election Day outwardly gone awry.

Homelander Is Victorious

In this photo, Homelander exudes outright victory, standing proudly and prominently amidst a deluge of patriotic confetti. 

So far, Amazon has withheld releasing a definitive premiere date for the upcoming season. However, a 2024 release is nonetheless confirmed. And the distributed pictures offer a glaring contrast between the fortunes of the two characters.

What This Means For Season 4

Of course, the images imply a triumphant result for vice-presidential candidate Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) and her running mate, would-be president Robert Singer (Jim Beaver)—both of whom Homelander supports.

Such a victory would inflate The Boys Season 4 with conflict and embody a significant setback for Butcher, Hughie, and the remainder of the crew. Fans will remember The Boys as a whole harbor personal vendettas against the covertly superpowered vice-presidential candidate Neuman. 

The Gen V Spinoff

the boys gen v

The showrunner, Eric Kripke, revealed that the terrifying virus unveiled in the Gen V spinoff should play a significant role in the upcoming season of the original series. The introduction of the virus itself introduces game-changing implications, potentially rewriting the dynamics and landscape of the fan-favorite superhero show.

Season 4 Is In Post-Production

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Kripke went on to assure fans that post-production of the project is ongoing, having concluded filming The Boys Season 4 before the beginning of the actor’s strike in July. According to the showrunner, the team behind the project currently produces the music and visual effects while moving forward with marketing. This latter development implies that the announcement of a premiere date should be around the corner. 

The show’s new season should enjoyably delve into the shady confluence of power, politics, and vigilantism in the universe fans across the globe have come to adore. Butcher and co. will likely have to surmount unprecedented challenges in their unflagging pursuit of justice and revenge—especially with Homelander on the cusp of some momentous victory. 

The Boys Is Streaming On Amazon Prime Video

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The Boys Season 4 marks the fourth entry in the Amazon Prime Video series, providing a much-welcome gritty, satirical take on the superhero genre. The series draws much of its creative inspiration from the comic book of the same name, penned by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson. The main narrative concerns a universe in which superpowered individuals, referred to as “Supes,” are widely known to the general public. Said “superheroes”—many of whom are corrupt and reckless—gig for a powerful corporation, Vought International, which markets and monetizes them.