Tales Of The Walking Dead: The New Show Will Resurrect Glenn

By Rick Gonzales | 9 months ago

Tales of the Walking Dead

Yes, it’s true. The Walking Dead is officially dead. But the franchise will live on in a series of spinoff shows. One of the ones on the way is called Tales of the Walking Dead.

Granted, The Walking Dead going to take some time getting to its end, much longer than it’d take for a zombie bite to turn a person, and that’s a good thing. Content chief Scott Gimple recently announced that season 11 of the hit series will be the last but what he also said was that the final season will be super zombie sized. Typically, a Walking Dead season consists of 16-episodes, but this final season will see 24 episodes and cover two years, making the ultimate Walking Dead finale air sometime in late 2022.

When The Walking Dead ends the franchise will be carried by its spinoffs and one of those will be the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead. Here’s everything we know about Tales so far.

While Gimple was making the end of Walking Dead announcements, he also announced a new spinoff show called Tales of the Walking Dead. This one will revolve around two of The Walking Dead’s main characters: Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride). Tales of the Walking Dead is scheduled for a 2023 premiere. But there’s more.


Tales of the Walking Dead

Scott Gimple continued with announcement after announcement, perhaps to soften the blow of The Walking Dead coming to an end. Not only are fans getting a Daryl/Carol spin-off, they already have Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond (which hits AMC October 4th), and of course the anthology series Tales of the Walking Dead.

Talking about Tales of the Walking Dead Gimple told the Hollywood Reporter, “It’s been 10 years ‘gone bye’; what lies ahead are two more to come and stories and stories to tell beyond that,” Gimple said. “What’s clear is that this show has been about the living, made by a passionate cast, team of writer-producers, producers and crew, bringing to life the vision put forth by Robert Kirkman in his brilliant comic — and supported by the best fans in the world. We have a lot of thrilling story left to tell on TWD, and then, this end will be a beginning of more Walking Dead — brand new stories and characters, familiar faces and places, new voices and new mythologies. This will be a grand finale that will lead to new premieres. Evolution is upon us. The Walking Dead lives.”


Tales of the Walking Dead

So what exactly could this anthology series hold for fans? So far not much is known about the direction Gimple has decided to take Tales of the Walking Dead, so much of what follows is speculation.

What is known for sure is that Tales of the Walking Dead will be built around new and existing characters. The following is per the press release speaking of the new series, “…AMC is also working with Gimple to develop a new “Tales of the Walking Dead” series, an episodic anthology with individual episodes or arcs of episodes focused on new or existing characters, backstories or other stand-alone experiences. The company, working closely with Gimple, is also developing a number of other new and innovative projects grounded in “The Walking Dead” universe.”

When Gimple first broached the idea of bringing back existing characters, it was at Comic-Con@Home. He was teasing a bunch of short-form spin-offs, which lines up perfectly for Tales of the Walking Dead. He told fans, “I will say, we’re working on things where we are looking at past characters,” Gimple said. “Maybe not a whole series, but we’re looking at things where we can take a peek at — maybe not pre-apocalypse — but early in the apocalypse. We’re looking at folks, so get excited for that.”


Daryl and Carol

It’s confirmed that at least one of Tales of the Walking Dead’s stories will revolve around two of The Walking Dead’s main characters: Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Carol (Melissa McBride).

Glenn on Tales of the Walking Dead
Steven Yuen as Glenn

Talking to fans, series creator Scott Gimple revealed who he’d truly like to see back in action for Tales of the Walking Dead, given the fact that he mentioned past characters. His answer came without hesitation: Steven Yeun who played fan favorite Glenn and who also met the business end of Lucille.

Lauren Cohen as Maggie

Since we are talking about returning characters, we already know that Maggie, Glenn’s paramour and played by Lauren Cohen, is on her way back. Maybe this time she will stick around longer than the super-sized final season. Cohen appeared on Live with Kelly and Ryan and if you listen to her words carefully, she may have given something away.

Tales of the Walking Dead
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan

Speaking earlier of Lucille, why not include Negan in Tales of the Walking Dead? It would be fun to see the how’s and why’s that made Negan so twisted.

David Morrissey as The Governor

Speaking of twisted, what about the Governor? True, we may have gotten a little bit of backstory on both sick individuals but seeing where they actually came from could be a fun adventure.

Tales of the Walking Dead
Jon Bernthal as Shane

As a series The Walking Dead is known for, the dead rise. But in this new series, they don’t have to rise as zombies. Tales of the Walking Dead could take fans on the prequel route, catching up with Jon Bernthal’s Shane or even Michael Rooker’s Merle. It would be great to see what life was like for the Dixon Brothers as the zombie apocalypse began. Just how did Merle become so demented? Fans might even see the exploration of Shane and Laurie’s relationship, how the grief Laurie felt when thinking she lost her husband Rick pushed her into the arms of Shane. There are so many different direction Gimple can go with some of the past fan favorites.

That just covers characters we know. Gimple has also promised new characters. The world of The Walking Dead could go international with the introduction of new characters. It could go to an island with a single character forced to fight against the zombie apocalypse. Whatever the case may be, Gimple and his creative crew have a blank slate to work with and from what we’ve seen in the past, it goes without saying that much of the color they will be using to color that blank slate will be red.



Let’s not forget that outside of Tales of the Walking Dead and other TV spinoffs, there are also a trilogy of features films still on the books at Universal Pictures that will tell the story of Rick Grimes and his fate. There is always the chance that a portion of this new anthology series will cover the group, Civic Republic Military, that has taken Rick.