The Supernatural Episodes You Need To Watch For Halloween

By Britta DeVore | Updated

Over 15 seasons, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) found themselves in bind after bind on The CW’s series, Supernatural. The show became a massive success for the network (thus the almost two decades on air) and focused on themes of family and morals, with a heavy side of comedy and things that go bump in the night. With the spooky season upon us, we’ve come up with the five scariest episodes of the series for your binging pleasure.

5. Dark Dynasty – Season 10 Episode 21

The tail end of Supernatural’s tenth season gave audiences the shock of a lifetime when our beloved nerdy Charlie (Felicia Day) met a brutal and bloody end at the hands of Eldon Frankenstein (David Hoflin) – one of the members of the notoriously evil Styne family. 

Searching for the Book of the Damned, the episode sees the family willing to stop at nothing to get what they believe is rightfully theirs – even if that means wiping out one of Supernatural’s most beloved characters.

While jump-scares and bloody moments dot the entire installment, it’s the final moments when Dean and Sam discover a gruesome scene of Charlie’s lifeless and bloodied body in the bathtub that really packs that horrific punch.

4. Abandon All Hope – Season 5 Episode 10

Outside of the Winchester boys, who met their fair share of deaths and resurrections, Supernatural taught audiences that no one was safe. Your favorite characters could be wiped out without notice, making this episode particularly scary. From the jump, audiences should have known they were in for a different kind of scare as the eeriness of the emptiness of the town of Carthage was unlike anything else the series had touched on. 

Part of the show’s Lucifer (Mark Pelligrino) arc, the installment saw Sam, Dean, Bobby (Jim Beaver), Jo (Alona Tal), and Jo’s mother, Ellen (Samantha Ferris) in hot pursuit of the Colt gun that was rumored to be able to kill the devil himself.

By the end of the unsettling Supernatural episode, things take a disastrous turn for Jo and Ellen as they end up giving up their own lives to save the rest of the gang from the brutal death by a pack of hellhounds.

3. Playthings – Season 2 Episode 11

No one likes a doll. If horror history has taught us anything, it’s that dolls are creepy and will *probably* kill you in your sleep. This Season 2 episode of Supernatural put the Winchester bros up against their biggest threat yet – murderous porcelain dolls.

While investigating some odd happenings at an old inn, Sam and Dean come to discover that there’s something very off about the woman running the hotel and her two daughters. As they dig deeper into the supernatural occurrences, the duo finds out that there’s only one living daughter, with the other being her imaginary friend – which turns out to be a ghost looking for a friend.

2. Scarecrow – Season 1 Episode 11

Aside from dolls, there’s nothing more terrifying than a mysterious town with a spooky cornfield on its outskirts. While later seasons of Supernatural tended to follow overarching storylines, the first season took the boys town to town investigating odd occurrences.

In this case, Sam and Dean unfortunately stumbled upon a village that set itself up around a ritual that included a possessed Scarecrow that would attack passersby. The pagan practice was set up to ensure the town would return to its former glory, but in doing so, the townsfolk allowed the entity to slay a multitude of people. 

This Supernatural episode is as unnerving as they come, with jump scare after jump scare as the scarecrow slashes its way through any unknowing victim driving through town. 

1. Pilot – Season 1 Episode 1

When we first meet the Winchester boys, Sam is in a happy relationship and away at college when his brother, Dean, shows up to tell him that their father, John (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has gone missing.

Taking a chance and heading out on a ghost-hunting adventure with his big bro, Sam fully engulfs himself in the family business. While the ghost bits are spooky and jumpy, it’s the end of this Supernatural episode that makes it number one on our list.

After returning home from his first hunt in a long time and a successful reunion with his estranged brother, Sam finds that the powers of darkness now know where he is. Most notable and shocking are the final moments of the Supernatural pilot that see Sam’s girlfriend meet the same fiery and horrific fate that the brothers’ mother did all those years ago.