Superman Series Rises From The Ashes And Finds A Home

My Adventures With Superman will debut this year as part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

Sometimes, projects stuck in development hell for years finally escape into the light of day. The latest example, courtesy of ComingSoon, is My Adventures with Superman, which is debuting on Adult Swim. Originally announced nearly two years ago, this is the first news about the animated cartoon featuring Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen as they work for the Daily Planet.

Set early during his career as Superman, the Adult Swim cartoon follows Clark (voiced by The Boy’s Jack Quaid) and Lois (Alice Zee) as they first start to fall in love. Going on adventures together in what is described as an action-packed romantic series, this version of DC‘s greatest couple shows the trials and tribulations of learning what it means to be Superman and investigative journalist Lois Lane. Jimmy Olsen (Ishmael Sahid) tags along as the young photographer learning under Lois while becoming best friends with Clark.

In a move that is certain to garner no controversy online at all, race-swapping takes place again in a DC adaptation, and again it’s turning a red-head white character into a black character. The last time this happened was in Black Adam when Cyclone was race-swapped, and the end result was one of the best parts of the film. A prior example with Superman’s supporting cast came in Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel when Laurence Fishbourne took on the role of Perry White, and again, he was one of the best parts of the film, so if history is any indication, Jimmy Olsen will be the best character in the Adult Swim cartoon.

My Adventures With Superman won’t be the first DC property to air on Adult Swim, but it will be the first to debut in the late-night time block. Harley Quinn started out within the DC comics app before moving to HBO Max and then Adult Swim, while Beware the Batman started out as part of Toonami, also on Cartoon Network.

There’s been no word on if the content of My Adventures With Superman was changed to reflect being part of Adult Swim, but it’s unlikely that the series will match Harley Quinn’s adult tones. Considering how well the Kaley Cucou series has portrayed Batman’s villains, especially Clayface, Bane, and Kite Man (Hell yeah!), taking after it would be a good thing. That’s not the case here, leaving the latest Superman project to face an uphill battle as it carves out its niche in the growing landscape of DC media.

Superman: Legacy, the first film in the new James Gunn-led DCU, will also occur with Clark and Lois in a similar situation as My Adventures With Superman, which means the Adult Swim series might have some clues about what fans can expect from the film. After airing on Adult Swim, the show will then re-air later as part of Toonami and most likely end up as part of HBO Max after that. The series will debut later this year.