The Boys Star Explains The Show’s Gore, Including A Disgusting High-Velocity Prop

The Boys star Jack Quaid says that he was shot in the face with a "blood cannon" for one of the first scenes of the show.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

the boys

Amazon’s The Boys is a violent, bloody, and gory show. So, it’s no surprise that the actors on the show get some (fake) blood and (fake) guts blasted into their faces every now and then. That’s exactly what happened to Jack Quaid on his second day on set, as they fired a blood cannon right into his face to recreate a gruesome scene from the source material graphic novel.

Jack Quaid when into further detail about the blood cannon in the Amazon Prime behind-the-scenes video with the rest of The Boys cast. According to Quaid, “There was a slow-motion camera and a blood cannon literally aimed at my face,” adding “You don’t see it on the other side it’s just dudes with like a cannon with wadded-up toilet paper for the gore.” The scene in question is one of the first scenes of the show, where Hughie’s girlfriend Robin is exploded right in front of him when the speedster A-Train accidentally runs right through her.

The Boys is no stranger to gory and disgusting props to portray some of the wildest scenes on the show. While a blood cannon might seem pretty crazy, the show would continue to one-up itself over the seasons. One of the most shocking and impressive was a 50-foot anatomically accurate whale prop that the Boys gored with a speedboat.

Just when you thought props couldn’t get any crazier, The Boys team outdid themselves again in Season 3 when they built a giant penis prop for one of the craziest (and most NSFW) scenes in the show yet. If you haven’t seen the scene for yourself, we won’t spoil it here. Let’s just say that it’s a much more painful version of the Ant-Man going into Thanos’ butt to defeat him meme.

One has to wonder what extreme prop The Boys team has in store for the upcoming fourth season. You can always count on there to be at least one (usually many more) scene from each season that takes the Internet by storm. With the show firing on all cylinders, there’s no reason to believe that Season 4 will be any different in that respect.

Although we don’t have a release date for The Boys Season 4 or any ideas of what kind of crazy props they might use, we do know some things about the new season. For one, it was revealed that Supernatural alumni Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Rob Benedict would both be joining the cast for the new season. It was also revealed that we would be getting more of Simon Pegg as Hughie’s father and that Rosemarie Dewitt would play his mother.

Despite the ending of The Boys Season 4, we also know that Nathan Mitchell will be reprising the role of Black Noir, albeit there will be some mystery as to who’s under the mask. Of course, we can also likely expect main cast members like Karl Urban, Erin Moriarty, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Karen Fukuhara, Laz Alonso, Tomer Capone, Jessie T. Usher, and Chace Crawford to return. While we wait for the fourth season of the Amazon hit show to return, we can also look forward to the newest college-centered spin-off Gen V coming out sometime this year.