Original Stargate Cast To Appear In The New Movie?

By Drew Dietsch | 3 months ago


Stargate has gone on to have a life of its own outside of the 1994 feature film that kicked off the franchise. However, with that movie being the only motion picture the franchise has produced, one has to assume that the upcoming reboot of the series will make some kind of acknowledgment to it. Well, according to a new scoop, not only will it do exactly that, but it will enact that recognition in a very direct way.

Insider Daniel Richtman claims that the Stargate reboot “will have cameos from original cast members from [the] original movie.” He does not elaborate on which characters would be making an appearance, so we are left to speculate exactly who would be making a comeback for a cameo. If we were placing any bets on who they would try to get, the two obvious ones would be Kurt Russell and James Spader who played Colonel Jack O’Neil and Dr. Daniel Jackson respectively.

What is really interesting about Richtman’s rumor is that it specifies these cameos will come from the Stargate movie. While the film has certainly maintained a cult following over the years, it is not exactly radical to claim that the franchise really blossomed once it went to television with the show Stargate SG-1. So much of the fandom surrounding the property sprung out of that television series. It was so successful that it managed to spawn two other shows – Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate Universe – before the series went on extended hiatus.

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Will this reboot film acknowledge any of the property’s television incarnations? Or will this new film be going straight back to the source of it all and only recognize the feature film as accepted canon? If that is the case, it is going to be a double-edged sword. By crafting the reboot to be more accessible to non-fans and new viewers – you just know they are going to call this reboot Stargate and nothing else – it could very well breathe life into the dormant franchise and kickstart a new era for the property. In the long-term, that would be the best outcome for it.

However, if the reboot does decide to dismiss or simply ignore the television shows, it will almost assuredly infuriate the hardcore fanbase. This is especially true since Stargate Universe was unceremoniously canceled and fans have been eagerly awaiting a proper conclusion to the story for nearly a decade. Would fans be willing to accept a brand new incarnation of the property that only ties into the first feature film? It doesn’t help that some members of the fandom hold the movie in less than exalted regard. If the reboot doesn’t satisfy connections to the long-running television incarnation of the property, will some fans outright discard it?

We will have to wait and see how this Stargate reboot shakes out. The property has been dormant for long enough that it could very well return to the big screen in a fresh way that captures a new audience. But will it be too far from what many fans consider home base for the franchise? Only time will tell.

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