Star Trek: Legacy Just Beat Strange New Worlds According To Fans

A petition for Paramount to green light Star Trek: Legacy has already amassed more signatures than the one that helped bring Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to life.

By Michileen Martin | Updated

jeri ryan

Paramount+ has been treating Star Trek: Strange New Worlds like one of its flagship series, and yet a concept that officially hasn’t even been green lit — Star Trek: Legacy — has already surpassed Strange New Worlds in a very significant way. A petition hoping to convince Paramount to give Legacy a thumbs up has gathered close to 33,000 signatures, which is 6,000 more than Strange New Worlds received on a similar petition before the studio moved forward with it.

It’s doubtful an online petition would be the only factor Paramount would take into consideration before green lighting any series, but for this many fans — from an increasingly divisive fanbase — to agree on wanting Star Trek: Legacy is no small thing. That’s especially true when you remember Legacy would be a spinoff of Star Trek: Picard, a series whose popularity didn’t surge until its third and final season.

At the end of Picard‘s final season, we learn the former USS Titan has been christened the Enterprise-G and the new captain is Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan), with Raffi (Michelle Hurd) acting as her first officer. They are joined by three characters introduced in Picard‘s third season: Jack Crusher (Ed Speleer), Ensign Sydney La Forge (Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut), and Alandra La Forge (Mica Burton). This, presumably, would be the core cast of Star Trek: Legacy.

star trek picard season 3 premiere
Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut as Sydney La Forge in Star Trek: Picard

Picard showrunner Terry Matalas’ concept for Star Trek: Legacy would see those characters take the franchise forward, along with appearances from other stars from older Trek shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.

Since the conclusion to Picard, Matalas has said Paramount has still not cleared Star Trek: Legacy. The showrunner said that with Strange New Worlds in production and Star Trek: Starfleet Academy on the way, the studio would need to be able to financially justify putting a third live-action Trek show in production.

star trek: discovery

Sadly, that shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise. With the conclusion of Picard and news that Star Trek: Discovery would be ending with Season 5, the Trek TV franchise quickly went from five series in production to three, with only one of them being live-action (until Starfleet Academy was announced). Paramount is clearly looking to ease the throttle back on franchise saturation.

What we might end up seeing is something along the lines of what’s become of Star Trek: Section 31. Originally developed as a series, the project is instead becoming a TV movie with less time and financial commitment. If Paramount is nervous about committing to a full series for Star Trek: Legacy, perhaps they might test the water with a miniseries or a movie.

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