Seth MacFarlane’s Ted Series Takes A Huge Step Forward

Seth MacFarlane says his Ted prequel series has finished production.

By Jennifer Asencio | Published

seth macfarlane ted

The foul-mouthed teddy bear that is the titular character of the Seth MacFarlane comedies Ted and Ted 2 is back for more in a prequel series. MovieWeb reports that the show has finished production, which means filming is wrapped and it’s heading for the final cut. When released, the series will be airing on Peacock.

Seth MacFarlane is already well-known on television, being the creator of several animated sitcoms including Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland Show. He is also the creator of the live-action Star Trek spoof/homage The Orville. Now, Seth MacFarlane is applying that experience to bring Ted to the small screen.

The movies were about the friendship between John Bennett and his teddy bear, who suddenly comes to life when he is a child. The stuffed toy grows up with John as he navigates adulthood, becoming a raunchy, pot-smoking smart-alec until John falls in love with a girl. Seth MacFarlane wrote and directed Ted, which also starred him as the teddy bear and Mark Walhberg as John Bennett.

The series will take the story back to 1993 when John was an adolescent growing up in Boston and his bear was just coming to life. This means Walhberg and movie co-star Mila Kunis will not be in the show, but Seth MacFarlane will be voicing Ted once again. It will be starring Scott Grimes, Alanna Ubach, Giorgia Whigham, and Max Burkholder as John Bennett.

In it, John is an adolescent living with his mother Susan, his father Matty, and Blaire, his college-student cousin who is staying with the family to attend school. Seth MacFarlane’s Ted character also lives with the family now that he has come to life from being a toy. The show will be a light-hearted look at the early years of John and Ted’s relationship at a time when John will be just getting interested in girls and at the beginning of his obsession with the Flash Gordon movie.

Seth MacFarlane recently posted on Instagram that the Ted series had finished the production phase and included a picture of the adorable teddy bear innocently eyeing the camera wearing what seems to be a backpack. The release date is unknown but this has been an announced project for Peacock since 2021. It is based on the success of the first two movies, but the fact that Seth MacFarlane has such a long history of television comedies to support it is the reason the movies became popular.

The movies are known for being raunchy and R-rated, which is part of the charm of the character. Seth MacFarlane has said that the Ted series will not be dialed back and that it will still be R-rated, which is why it is premiering on Peacock’s streaming service rather than its television channels. The streaming service ordered eight episodes for the first season.

With production wrapped, it should not be long before Peacock announces a release date for the show. When it comes out, fans can enjoy more campy fun as they see how John and Ted became friends. This period in the lives of John and his teddy bear promises that Seth MacFarlane’s Ted series will record hilarious events in their friendship.