Peacock Cancels Epic Fantasy Series And Fans Are Furious

Shows being canceled seems to be commonplace these days, and Peacock has announced they are now abandoning an epic fantasy series the company had been working on.

By James Brizuela | Published


Streaming platforms often take plenty of risks by bringing on new shows and movies that sometimes don’t work out. Should a television show have one season produced, and it doesn’t pull in the numbers that the platform wants, it is easily canceled. However, it is not often that a series is canceled before it has even had its time to entertain people. Peacock has announced that it will not be moving forward with the Green Bone Saga, which was a series that is from a book series. The first season was meant to follow Jade City, the first book in the series. The author of said book series, Fonda Lee, voiced his displeasure with this news on Twitter. You can see the Tweet below:

This led to plenty of other Twitter users voicing their sadness that the Green Bone Saga was not going to move forward. Some even pointed out that Peacock might not have been the right place for this adaptation to be placed at.

At least this Twitter user was nice about their criticism of Peacock. Most people would just say some nasty things, which might not have helped the case for the Green Bone Saga to be picked up on another platform. That is what Fonda Lee is hoping for, at least.

Another more hopeful response to the Green Bone Saga being canceled by Peacock. One can hope that another streaming platform is ready to handle the adaptation better. Netflix might be a platform to keep an eye on.

This is nowhere near the vitriol that we usually see on Twitter, but we are starting to get a bit angrier. The Green Bone Saga might certainly be the next big series, should a streaming platform jump at the chance to adapt it. The series had been in production since 2020 but was likely left behind due to pandemic restrictions. Then Peacock chose to just abandon it altogether.

Another good place for any adaptation or dedicated show to end up would be HBO. The streaming platform has become a hub for more imaginative shows. The streaming platform is handling all the DC properties, and the Green Bone Saga would fit right in.

That might certainly be true. Peacock might kick itself for having let go of the Green Bone Saga if another streaming platform steps in and saves it. It sure sounds like fans are desperately wanting to see this adaptation.

Fans of the Green Bone Saga seem to be plentiful and are quite nice about the hope that the series will land somewhere else. We hope that everyone is rewarded by the series being picked up by another respected streaming platform.

Maybe enough noise from fans being upset about the Green Bone Saga being canceled will force Peacock to change its mind. However, some other companies could also take this opportunity to pull the series to their side of things. We will have to wait and see, but it sounds like enough people are wanting this adaptation to happen.