See The Massive Goldfish Said To Be One Of The Largest Ever Caught

By James Brizuela | Published


From what we all know about goldfish, is that they are small, orange, and usually won at the local fair. However, despite what we know about animals, nature can sometimes come and remind us of the sheer wonderment of certain species that live in the world. That is the case for this ginormous goldfish that was recently caught and believed to be the largest ever recorded, you can see below:

The massive goldfish that is pictured above is certainly not the variety that we have seen come from any manner of fair or the local pet store. The fish was caught at the BlueWater Lakes, which is in France and is known as “France’s Premiere Carp Fishery. The giant Carp, also dubbed “The Carrot” is said to weigh a staggering 67 pounds, 4 ounces, and is being labeled as the second biggest ever caught of that variety.

The images shared on the BlueWater Lakes website feature all manner of carp that look like the giant goldfish above, though none are as vibrant in color. Concerned patrons on Facebook also commented on their worry for the animal, though the BlueWater Lake social media response was that the fish has been returned back to its home and is in no danger of being killed or eaten. The Facebook page also indicated that The Carrot would be in far more danger if it was released into the wild, as its vibrant color would attack all kinds of predators.


The man responsible for catching this massive goldfish is a UK-based angler named Andy Hackett who received the prize for pulling in this massive carp, as the fish is said to be incredibly elusive to those who attend the carp fishery often. The Carrot is said to be a cross between a leather carp and koi carp, which is why it has such a vibrant color. Many people have known that fish existed in those waters, though very few have been able to wrangle it in.

The manager of the fishery, Jason Cowler, also stated that The Carrot is not the biggest resident of the lake but is the most vibrant in color. Apparently, most goldfish weigh less than a pound, though if they are given special diets and freedom to roam, they can become as big as The Carrot. This specific fish had been placed in the fishery some 20 years ago and is now a massive nearly 70-pound giant, which we can imagine took a massive amount of strength to pull in.

The fishery also has a “no retention” rule in place for anglers that visit the lake, which means that no one can take the fish caught there to land or home to eat. We would hope that a goldfish of that size was not simply caught and then prepared as a meal for someone, or an entire village, as its size indicates. Anyone can go visit the BlueWater Lakes in France and take their chances in muscling in one of these gigantic carp, though with how evasive this goldfish has been until now, we would imagine you shouldn’t set your heart on being the one to catch it again.