See A Huge Snake Being Pulled Out Of An Airplane Wing

By Douglas Helm | Published


Here’s something many of us probably didn’t expect to see today. You’ve seen Snakes On a Plane but have you seen a snake in a plane? A Twitter user posted this, frankly creepy, video of a team of airport runway workers removing a huge snake from the wing of a plane.

Judging by the massive size of the snake and its pattern, it’s probably safe to say that this is some species of python. Pythons can get pretty massive, with reticulated pythons sometimes getting as big as 33 feet in length! While the python in the video isn’t quite so big, it’s still not something you’d probably want to deal with on a normal workday.

Fortunately, pythons are also non-venomous snakes, which is good for the workers because that python did not seem too happy about being yanked out of the wing that it decided to curl up in. Of course, you probably wouldn’t be too happy either if someone was yanking you out of your new home. It’s hard to tell from the video, but the people on the scene could very well be animal control professionals who were called to the scene to help, and not necessarily the airport employees themselves.

snake python

Snakes being on a plane is, surprisingly, not the newest phenomenon. In addition to the ridiculous yet hilarious Samuel L. Jackson movie, there have been quite a few of these reptiles ending up in places they shouldn’t be. For instance, in February of this year, an AirAsia Airbus plane had to divert course and land to get rid of one that was crawling around in the lighting panels.

Another notable incident was in 2013 when a snake hitched a ride on the wing of a plane flying from Torreón to Mexico City. Although it managed to hang on for the entire flight, it wasn’t alive when the plane landed. These reptiles are very flexible creatures, so it’s quite surprising where they can end up. While a plane is an unlikely place for them to end up, it’s not entirely out of the question.

The video that the Twitter user posted doesn’t give a lot of contexts, but it seems like the snake was found during an inspection and thus probably didn’t take a flight. In the background of the video, you can see some lush foliage so it may have just crawled out from the trees, found a cozy spot on the runway, and decided to call it home. It looks like the creature, and the people pulling it out were relatively unharmed after the removal.

Needless to say, it’s definitely better for the snake and the passengers that they were able to find the creature before things got out of hand. Riding on a plane is uncomfortable enough without having to worry about massive serpents crawling through the innards. Plus, it’s not every day that Samuel L. Jackson is on your flight, so there’s not always a guarantee that there’s someone on the plane qualified to take care of those godd**n snakes.