William Shatner Is Lurking Around Reddit For Some Reason

By David Wharton | Published

This article is more than 2 years old


After being part of one of the biggest franchises in history, on top of a 60-year career stretching across film and television, William Shatner is pretty much free to do whatever he wants with his golden years. His passion for raising and training horses is well known, but I’m sure the 81-year-old needs to throw in some other activities now and then, just to keep things fresh. For instance, he appears to be lurking around the Star Trek section at Reddit lately, interacting with fans and posting amusing pictures of himself in bobblehead form.

Shatner’s Reddit habit doesn’t appear to be part of an official AMA — “Ask Me Anything” — but it looks like he’s been at it for a few days now. So far the conversation has ranged from, of course, Star Trek, to his work on shows such as Aftermath and William Shatner’s Raw Nerve, to — I shit you not — his choice of undergarments.

My favorite random Shatnerism thus far: “It seems like it always comes down to this question: ‘Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?’ My answer: I’m a lover, not a fighter.” And no, I will not provide context.

At any rate, Shatner’s expedition into Reddit is proving to be both strange and amusing, one of those unique little happenings that the Internet provides when it isn’t busy serving up pornography or informing your friends what foods you’re eating at that exact moment. If you’ve got a question or comment you’ve always wanted to share with William Freakin’ Shatner, head over to Reddit before he’s pulled away by literal wild horses.