Rumor Of The Day: Schwarzenegger To Appear In Two More Terminator Films

By David Wharton | Updated

This article is more than 2 years old

I remember, years ago, reading an interview with Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Brent Spiner where he said something to effect that he was limited in how much longer he could play Data, since androids don’t age, but he was continuing to. Apparently former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger comes from an entirely different school of acting when it comes to this area, because Moviehole is reporting the rumor that Arnie will appear in both the fifth and sixth Terminator films.

We might want to take this with a generous helping of salt, however. Moviehole’s report is based on a quote attributed to Schwarzenegger and originally published in the Action Effects blog…which has since been mysteriously pulled down. Here’s the quote (misspellings from original source):

I can’t say to much they want it held in secret if you know what I mean, but I will say that next year I will start filming it and it’s going to be one of the hardest films I have ever done I can tell you that already for sure… they have six months set aside just for filming, so I will be training and getting into the best physical shape I possibly can before filming starts.

It does follow Salvation although some of the producers and franchise owner were not to happy about the job McG did with it but they felt it was good enough to continue on and they want the fifth and sixth installments to be the closing of the franchise.

That entire quote has the vague waft of seafood about it…something smells fishy. If nothing else, it seems unlikely that Schwarzenegger would publically air the dirty laundry about the producers not liking Salvation. Even if that’s one of the worst-kept secrets around, it’s bad form to publically slag the previous film in your franchise. That doesn’t automatically mean the whole story is grade-A b.s., but combined with the vanishing source blog, we’re left wary at the very least. There will certainly be a fifth, and probably a sixth, Terminator movie. There’s a pretty good chance Arnie will show up in one or both, in some form or other. But can we count this as any sort of confirmation? Not a chance. Mark this one down as pure rumor until a more reputable source sounds off.