Mad Max Motion Comic Introduces You To Chumbucket

By Brent McKnight | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

Every once in a while there comes a video game that makes me wish I liked video games, one that seems tailor made for my tastes and sensibilities. WB Games’ upcoming Mad Max is one such creation. If I were to pick up any game, this would be a strong contender. Now, I can safely say that I’m not going to immerse myself in the post-apocalyptic world of Max Rockatansky, at least not in this capacity, but they do get an A for effort, nice work guys. I will, however, watch this new motion comic prequel to the game and momentarily wish I enjoyed the interactive counterpart more than I do.

Split into two chapters, this animation from DC Entertainment introduces us to a new character that will play a key role in the game. Now we can all say that we’ve met Chumbucket. Word on the street is that he will serve as mechanic and sidekick to Max throughout his adventures. As you can see in the video, old Chumbucket is an interesting guy. It’s difficult to tell if he’s a mutant of some kind, or has just been brutalized and pummeled by the harsh turn that life on our planet has taken. Either way, homeboy is ugly as hell, and has a twisted little mind working in that skull of his to boot. His personality seems quite worthy of his strange, slightly disturbing name.

See, Chumbucket has a plan, he just needs a partner. He’s been praying to the Combustion Angel, whoever that is, to send him a champion, and when he first encounters Max, he believes he’s met his man. Or has he? Would the real Chosen One run out of petrol in the middle of being chased by a gang of murderous wasteland thugs? Chumbucket doesn’t think so either.

Then again, perhaps Chumbucket was wrong. Max isn’t one to let an empty tank and one little beat down stop him, and that’s just the kind of guy Chummy needs to help him with his project. We don’t know what exactly this plan entails, but it seems to involve building something, which most of us assume is some type of badass battlewagon.

There’s no word on exactly how this figures into game play. Maybe they create some sort of behemoth in the time between the comic and the game, or perhaps part of the strategy of this adventure is to collect the pieces and build it yourself. That could be a fun, in-game quest, build your own post-apocalyptic war machine.

We still have to wait and see how the game fits into the Mad Max universe, especially since game/comic Max doesn’t look like either Mel Gibson or Tom Hardy. One day, in theory, we still may see Mad Max: Fury Road, though given the troubled production with that film, I’m going to have to see actual film projected onto an actual screen before I believe it. Part of me still suspects that God himself will come down to Earth and burn every last scrap of footage. But in the meantime, we’ll have this game to tide us over, at least we will after it drops in 2014.