Blade Runner And Mad Max Get Incredible Footwear Fans Need To Have

By Britta DeVore | Published

Mad Max Dr. Martens

Make some space in your closet because Blade Runner and Mad Max are receiving their own footwear from one of the most legendary companies out there. Dr. Martens is pairing with Warner Bros. Discovery to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the studio in a very fashionable way. Joining forces, the filmmakers and shoe brand icons are set to release a line of footwear inspired by 1982’s Blade Runner and Mad Max: Fury Road.

First breaking the news, Dr. Martens took to social media to give potential buyers a look at what’s to come. Boasting four different designs for you or the boot-lover in your life, the ankle-length cuts pay a perfect homage to Blade Runner and Mad Max: Fury Road.

For Blade Runner, the futuristic sci-fi themes are prevalent with a black and white checkered pattern criss-crossing its way around the boot.

The 1460 Blade Runner boot is built from our classic Smooth leather with a reflective grid print and a reflective tape strip on the backstrap. The boot is stamped with a moulded rubber Tyrell Corp patch and fitted with a matching lace charm and DM’s dog tag. The welt is printed with LIKE TEARS IN RAIN, with a hidden message inside the side zip.

The other piece of black footwear is less flashy, with just a touch of white and red on the sides. Taking things to a dystopian desert, the items in the Mad Max collection will also transport fans into their favorite film just by lacing up their shoes.

What a Lovely Day

Like the Blade Runner designs, the Mad Max boots are also based in black with one more ornate than the other. While one set of the shoes has brown straps crossing them, the other is more of a basic black boot with a red flair around the heel and a zipper along the inner sides.

The 1460 Mad Max boot is built from textured Old Harness leather punched with rivets and fitted with an all-over harness anchored by gold hardware. The laces are equipped with a spearhead lace charm printed with the Immortan Joe emblem, and the backstrap is printed with one of Nux’s memorable quotes: WHAT A LOVELY DAY.

The boots will be dropping on November 16 in Europe and Asia, with a November 24 release in the United States – just in time for the madness of Black Friday. They’re already for sale on the Dr. Martens website.

Known for creating some of the most iconic pieces of fashionable footwear, the Blade Runner and Mad Max pairing is far from the first time Dr. Martens has worked alongside Warner Bros. In the past, they’ve catered to fans of other infamous film titles, including The Goonies, Beetlejuice, and The Lost Boys.

Along with the Blade Runner and Mad Max boots, Warner Bros. is saying a big thank you to the audiences who have helped them stay vibrant for a full century. From Funko to Mattel, a handful of your favorite toy brands will be releasing new collectibles, while cities around the world will see pop-ups celebrating the studio’s big anniversary. 

With the festivities now in full swing, there’s a lot for fans to look forward to as Warner Bros. pats itself on the back for a job well done. Two incredibly popular franchises, both Blade Runner and Mad Max, continue to live on through sequels and reboots at the studio. Up next for the Mad Max franchise will be 2024’s Furiosa, while, at this time, it seems as though Blade Runner has wrapped with 2017’s Blade Runner 2049.