Ewan McGregor Would Return To Star Wars If Asked

By Nick Venable | Published

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To say that news and rumors over the cast and crew of the next Star Wars film are overwhelming is like saying the dictionary is wordy. Every miniscule related tidbit is being blown up to newsworthy proportions. What you’ve just read is my introduction into yet another example of this.

Understandably, any actor who has ever appeared in the series either already has, or will soon be answering that age-old query, “Would you be in Episode VII if they asked you to?” The latest to answer this question is young Obi Wan himself, Ewan McGregor, in an interview with Digital Spy:

Written out, there is nothing at all positive-sounding about McGregor’s answer of. “Oh, I guess. Yeah, of course, I mean, if they need me. Yeah.” But at least he did manage to sound positive about the whole thing, though you can see the distant confusion on his face as he considers how his version of Obi Wan would come up in a universe that has already witnessed his death as an older man. But, you know, that whole “Jedi ghost thing” could make it happen, but it’s still not very sensible. Zombie Wan Kenobi? I’m assuming whoever was sent to ask Alec Guinness the same question got tired of being ignored by his lifeless body.

I really enjoy the films McGregor chooses to be in, with some exceptions, and I can’t wait to see The Impossible, which he and Watson were actually doing the interview for. He added a level of non-foolishness that the second trilogy needed, but he couldn’t overcome Jar Jar and Hayden. I’d love to see him back if there was anyway possible for it to be written in organically. But I guess if anyone can add a well-placed piece of wistful nostalgia, it’s writer Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3).

Now, is it just me or is the really interesting part of this interview Naomi Watts’ complete lack of knowledge about the Disney buyout. Power to her for somehow being able to turn her senses blind and deaf to the hubbub, but that probably means she isn’t a frequent visitor to this website. And for that, Ms. Watts, we take you back to Mulholland Drive.

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