Dead Space Cosplay Is Out Of This World

By David Wharton | Published

Fans of the Dead Space video game franchise have less than a month before they can join beleaguered engineer Isaac Clarke on another quest to try and destroy the Necromorph menace and hopefully settle into a quiet retirement free of shambling monsters or darkened ship corridors. Some Dead Space fans are finding more productive ways of killing the time until the game’s release than just sitting around staring at the date on their calendars. In fact, at least one of them has been building Dead Space cosplay outfits that look good enough to be working an Electronic Arts booth at a convention.


The Isaac suit was built by DeviantArtist Kevin Leab Thong, and his work looks great. Even better, he’s gone the extra mile of adding some effects to the shots of the suit so they look even more like they were yanked right off the screen and into the real world.


Hell, he’s even invited Ellie from Dead Space 2 along for the ride. That’s a very fetching eyepatch, if I do say so myself…


Dead Space 3 releases February 5th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.