Batman Takes On Skynet In This Wowzers Animated Short Film

By Nick Venable | Published

This article is more than 2 years old

While I would love to one day convince the powers that be to turn this website into Giant Freakin’ Batman Batman Batman, we don’t really get to talk about the Caped Crusader that much, save for the occasional reminder that we’ll never get to see the Batman Beyond movie. But rather than dwell on the negative, let’s pretend like we live in a world where Batman is one of the major players in the fight against the Big Brother-ish Skynet. Seriously, this should already be a movie, HBO animated series, and IDW comic book at this point.

The story takes place over 30 years after the 1997 nuclear attack that Terminator 2 destroyed my nightmares with. Because the Batcave and/or Batmobile don’t give a shit about nuclear fallout, a grey-bearded Bruce Wayne comes out of the darkness in his most recognizable attire and heads out into desolate battlegrounds on his way to meet John Connor at the psychedelic Skynet headquarters. At least that’s where I think he ends up. All of the long, flashing corridors sent me into seizures and I just woke up beneath my desk. Could have been the bourbon, though. Batman wins, right?

Part of the short’s excellence comes from the open ending, where Batman radios John Connor to tell him that “his method worked” and that he’s arrived. Strapped with so many weapons, he doesn’t exactly look like a character that doesn’t kill people, so I really wish there was another minute and a half of pure havoc to geek out with. But well done, all the same.

The video was conceived by artist Tony Guerrero and the excellent animation and sound editing was created by Mitchell Hammond. There’s a lot to love about the imagery in this, as it looks like it came out of the 1980s, but with a modern approach and a bit of anime flavor sprinkled over it all. The moodiness was due in large part to the music from the band Noir Deco, for whom I will now scour YouTube. Check out the well-designed promo poster below.


I wish this were an announcement that Terminator: Genesis was adding Batman to the cast, after the overwhelming acclaim that The LEGO Movie has received. Can’t win them all, I guess. Or even a fair share.

Want to watch Batman take on another one of fiction’s greater personalities? Look no further.