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Here’s the good news for actor Misha Collins: He was one of the stars of a hit television series. Here is the bad news: Supernatural is now over and it took him some time before booking another solid acting gig after the show’s run. But he’s gotten things back on track and has even been rumored to be in some possible comic book work.

Let’s take a look at how Misha Collins got his start, but first what he’ll be doing next in his first major role after Supernatural.


Gotham Knights is set to hit The CW sometime in 2023 and Misha Collins will be going back to the network that really put his career on the map. Collins will be playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face in the series and he posted what it takes to get into the role from a cosmetic perspective. Check it out:

The series will follow a timeline after the death of Bruce Wayne in which his adopted son, Tanner has to try and track down the killer. He’ll do this by actually trying to work with the children of other villains in Gotham.


Misha Collins

It’s true. Misha Collins, whose real name is Dmitri Tippens Krushnic, was aiming for a different career before acting rolled around. Whether it was meant to be in politics or not, Collins found himself interning at the White House in the Office of Presidential Personnel during the Clinton Administration. Please feel free to now insert your own “intern White House” jokes here. Thankfully, that career didn’t pan out for Collins.


Misha Collins on Monk

Misha Collins got his start in acting by first appearing on the TV series Legacy. He moved on to Charmed and then was seen in the feature film Girl, Interrupted. After that feature film, Collins found himself bouncing back and forth from TV series to feature films. He could be seen in NYPD Blue, Seven Days, 24, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, ER, Monk, and NCIS.

This was all before he found a home on the CW. He was also seen in Close to Home, CSI: NY, Monk, and Without a Trace. During this time, he also worked on features such as Par 6, Moving Alan, Over Her Dead Body, and The Grift. This was all a lead-up to the series he is probably best known for.


Misha Collins

Supernatural came to be in 2005, but Misha Collins didn’t join the series until its fourth season. The show follows two brothers (played by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) who travel across the country fighting anything and everything supernatural. Many of the things they tackle come from urban legend, but they also find themselves fighting monsters such as vampires, ghosts, and werewolves. There is also the occasional demon or two.

On Supernatural, Collins plays Castiel, who started off as a powerful angel of God and teamed up with the Winchester brothers to help stop Lucifer from being released.

Misha Collins on Supernatural

Castiel has died on more than one occasion during Supernaturals’ run. He died helping one Winchester brother only to be resurrected by God himself. He was killed again, this time by Lucifer, only to be once again resurrected by God.

Then things began to get crazy for Castiel (as if dying twice isn’t crazy). He absorbed all the souls from Purgatory, giving him powers he never imagined. These powers put him higher than even an archangel, but he paid a price. There were evil souls in what he absorbed, which ended up warping Castiel’s mind. This led him to proclaim that he was the new God.

Misha Collins
Misha Collins as Castiel

There have been many twists and turns during the series’ 15-season run, 11 of which Misha Collins was part of. The above is only a small sample of what Collins’ Castiel has endured. Start binging if you haven’t seen all of it, yet.


Misha Collins

Obviously, with a show such as Supernatural and the following it received, actor appearances at various conferences are something of a norm. Not only are there the popular Comic Cons, but certain shows employ their own specific conferences. Such was the case back in 2015 when Supernatural had its own conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary.

Jim Beavers
Jim Beaver on Supernatural

The night before Misha Collins was to appear at the conference, he was dining out. It was then that he got mugged. At least this is what one of his co-stars claims. Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer on Supernatural, made a post on Facebook (which has since been deleted) in which he said: “My buddy and Supernatural colleague Misha Collins was followed out of a restaurant in Minneapolis by three men last night and beaten and robbed. He’s all right, more or less, with some stitches and a fat lip.”

Here is the strange thing about it (cue the creepy Supernatural music) it seems like everyone was aware of the attack on Misha Collins except for the police. Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder told the city’s Star Tribune that the police never received a call about the incident and they only found out about it via social media.

Fans began their outpouring of support and love, which prompted Misha Collins to return the gesture via his Twitter account, “Hey guys! Thanks for all the well-wishes! Just want u to know I’ve just got some minor scrapes. I’m totally fine! Love u guys.”

Misha Collins did finally appear at the conference, arriving like he definitely had been roughed up. He had stitches and a fat lip, with some minor scrapes and bruises. Through it all, though, he did his best to pose for pictures with fans.


Misha Collins

During his time on Supernatural, Misha continued to do other things. He was seen on Nip/Tuck, Divine: The Series, Kittens in a Cage, Kings of Con, and Timeless. But Misha Collins is also known for other things besides his ability to act.

Misha Collins is also an author. He has published his poetry, Baby Pants and Old Bones, and he also wrote a cookbook that he co-authored with his wife Vicki. He has also done some professional writing in a book titled The 2D Shape Structure Dataset.

Nip Tuck
Misha Collins on Nip/Tuck

Misha Collins is also noted for his charity work. He co-founded and is the board president for Random Acts, a non-profit that contributes to funding and inspiring acts of kindness across the globe.

He has also founded the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) where the entry fees to the scavenger hunt go towards the Random Acts charity. The event was so popular, that back in 2012 it broke the world record for the most pledges to perform their random act of kindness.


Now 48 years old, Misha Collins has been married to his wife Victoria Vantoch since 2001. They live in Washington state together with their two children West Anaximander Collins (born in 2010) and Maison Marie Collins (born in 2012).

He has found roles in various podcast series. One of them is Bridgewater in which he voices the main character.

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