Misha Collins Issues A Public Apology After Controversial Comments About His Sexuality

By Vic Medina | 3 weeks ago

misha collins

Supernatural actor Misha Collins is apologizing for an off-the-cuff remark that led fans to make assumptions about his sexuality. The controversy exploded over the weekend, after the 47-year-old actor appeared to out himself as bisexual at a Supernatural fan convention. Fans had speculated for years about Collins’ sexuality, which he had never spoken about publicly, so the comment set off a social media firestorm. It then led Collins to post an apology on his social media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram, and to clarify that he is, in fact, straight.

You can see the full apology from Misha Collins over five posts below.

Video of the comments Misha Collins made are posted below, and show how the misunderstanding took place. Collins was participating in a panel at the Creation Entertainment Supernatural Convention in East Brunswick, New Jersey. The event was part of a series of official fan conventions for The CW show that ended in 2020 after an incredible 15 seasons. During the panels the actors participate in, it’s not unusual for Collins to discuss the show and riff off of comments from the audience.

According to Out Magazine, Misha Collins asked the audience, “By show of force: how many of you would consider yourself introverts?” After surveying the show of hands, he asked, “How many extroverts?” And then laughingly added, “And how many bisexuals?” The crowd began to laugh and clap. A fan in the audience is then heard asking which of the choices applied to Collins, to which he laughingly replied, “I’m all three.”

That comment, which was not said directly into the microphone, did elicit a reaction in the moment, although Collins seemed to wave off his comment as a joke. Once the video began to circulate online, however, it took on a life of its own. Out Magazine reportedly tweeted congratulations to Collins for coming out, although it appears they later deleted the tweet. By Monday afternoon, Misha Collins posted the above public apology on Twitter. He clarified that the comment was a poor attempt to avoid discussing his personal life. The thread continues, as Misha Collins points out that he realizes his comments may seem insensitive when compared to others who struggle with their sexual identity in public.

The incident highlights the precarious position many celebrities find themselves in when discussing sensitive issues with a rabid fan base. For those who are unaware, Supernatural fans can be quite dedicated – and vocal. For years, the show appeared to many fans to tease gay themes between Misha Collins’ Castiel, a fallen angel, and Jensen Ackles’ Dean Winchester. Those themes were confirmed in the show’s final season, when Castiel came out as gay and professed his love for Dean Winchester (Ackles). Fans, at least, seemed to accept Collins’ apology, and most found humor in the incident, at least according to Twitter responses.

Although Misha Collins rarely talks about his personal life, some facts are known. People Magazine reported that he has been married to Victoria Vantoch since 2001 and has two children. While they separated last year, no divorce was announced. His former co-stars have not commented on the incident.