Supernatural’s Misha Collins Just Cast As One Of The Most Notable DC Villains

By Nathan Kamal | 2 months ago

Misha Collins

Misha Collins, most famous for playing the trench-coat wearing Angel Castiel in the long-running CW show Supernatural, is returning to the network. This time around, Collins is moving over to the CW’s other big franchise and joining the cast of Gotham Knights as none other than Harvey Dent. One of Batman’s most famous (and frequently filmed) villains, Harvey Dent is typically portrayed as an idealistic Gotham City district attorney who falls to villainy as Two-Face after having half of his face horribly scarred in some manner. Usually, this also affects whatever suit he happens to be wearing, for some reason. From the sounds of it, Collins will be playing Harvey Dent in the pre-Two Face years, and will not yet be a bad guy. 

Gotham Knights is just one of many, many, many new Batman-adjacent shows currently in production across a few networks. Whereas HBO Max is (as of writing, they could have greenlit half a dozen more in the meantime) developing a show about the Gotham City Police Department and another about Colin Ferrell’s prosthetics-heavy, fluently Spanish-speaking Penguin, the CW has the “Arrowverse.” Though not on the same level of pop-cultural saturation as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (because literally nothing is or ever has been) or making all of the money in the world like Matt Reeves’ goth The Batman, the CW take on DC comics has a loyal following. Misha Collins will be joining a shared universe that was initially started by the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), and now includes a version of The Flash, a bunch of time travelers, a Batwoman, and many others. 

Misha Collins

Misha Collins is most famous for acting on the show Supernatural (which is also currently receiving its own spin-off at the CW, The Winchesters) for 11 seasons. Initially being introduced in season four as a morally ambiguous, emotionless figure, his character of the Angel Castiel quickly became a fan favorite and became a series regular for the majority of the run of the show. The gradual humanization of the character and his rapport with the Winchester brothers Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) eventually became a central part of the enormously popular show. It definitely had the effect of typecasting Misha Collins in the role, so this is a great opportunity for him to play another ambiguous moralistic character. 

Gotham Knights is in the pilot stage of development, so it is not guaranteed to go to series. Misha Collins is just one of several announced castings, which also includes Navia Robinson (as Batman sidekick Carrie Kelley), Olivia Rose Keegan (as Duela), Oscar Morgan (as Turney Hayes, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son), Fallon Smythe and Tyler Dichiara as Harper Row and Cullen Row respectively. The premise of the show sees Bruce Wayne apparently murdered, and the criminal element of Gotham City taking full advantage of the ensuing chaos. The characters above team up to fight Batman’s collective enemies, and probably to investigate his death, because he’s definitely not dead, right? Gotham Knights does not yet have a release date, though it is expected to likely be in 2023.