Batman Forever

batman forever

How Batman Forever Saved One Man’s Entire Career

Fans of the Batman franchise can engage in endless debate over which film is the best, with many online arguing …

5 months ago

robin williams

Robin Williams Was Going To Play Two Iconic Batman Villains

Robin Williams was on the shortlist to play the Joker in Tim Burton’s Batman and the Riddler in Batman Forever, but he lost out on the first and turned down the second following Tim Burton leaving the project.

1 year ago

batman forever

The Batman Movie That Used Spare Parts To Make Its Superhero Costumes

The silver suits worn at the end of Batman & Robin were hurriedly created out of spare parts from Batman Forever.

1 year ago

batman forever

There Is A Batman Movie With A Much Longer, Darker Cut And Fans Want It Now

A three-hour cut of Batman Forever allegedly exists and delves into Bruce Wayne’s psychology, but it has not been released.

1 year ago

batman forever

Why Batman Forever Is Not As Bad As You Remember

Batman Forever is a perfect combination of campy and dark tones that makes it not as terrible as people remember.

2 years ago

tim burton

Tim Burton Harshly Responds To His Most Controversial Movie

Well, he doesn’t mince words.

2 years ago

Tommy Lee Jones

Tommy Lee Jones Terrorized A Classic Science Fiction Movie

Acting legend Tommy Lee Jones will not sanction buffoonery from anyone or any film, not even a blockbuster science-fiction comedy.

2 years ago

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Announces Retirement From Acting

Actor, comedian, and Grinch Jim Carrey has announced that he is retiring from acting, but he might come back for a very specific reason.

2 years ago

batman batsignal

Batman Movie Getting A New Director’s Cut?

Is another Batman movie about to get a new cut?

3 years ago