Exclusive: Barry Keoghan Joker Show In Development From Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves signed a huge deal with Warner Bros that will include his Batman trilogy and many shows. One of those shows happens to be a Barry Keoghan Joker show.

By James Brizuela | Published

barry keoghan joker show

Yesterday the world was thrilled to find out that Matt Reeves signed a major deal with Warner Bros for his many upcoming DC films. The same was made for Warner Bros Television, which will see Reeves make his new Batman universe that much more expansive. A series is already being worked on that will drive forward the rise of Colin Farrell’s Penguin. We also reported that Joker and Scarecrow were going to be featured in that series. Well, through our trusted and proven sources, we can also report that Reeves is now working on a Barry Keoghan Joker show.

This is huge news considering the number of backstories that exist in the Batman universe. With a Penguin series already being worked on, and an Arkham Asylum series being developed, this new Barry Keoghan Joker show could add even more of a rich tapestry that will build up Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight. We did get a small taste of Barry Keoghan in the role, as he spoke to Riddler at the end of The Batman. His dialogue indicated that Joker and Riddler would be teaming up in the future. Also, an additional deleted scene was released to the world via a riddle, which contained an even deeper look at Joker. Keoghan was equal parts horrifying and spectacular when speaking to Batman. We honestly can’t wait to see the villain transformed in this manner.

Although Todd Phillips gave us the Joaquin Phoenix version of the Joker, that version does not exist in the same timeline or world as Pattinson’s Batman. That is simply because the Joker film saw Phoenix approach a child version of Bruce Wayne. Unless Joker plans to fight Batman in his 60s, Phoenix and Pattinson are unlikely to meet. Apart from that, we have not been given a great iteration of the Joker since Heath Ledger took on the role, but this new Barry Keoghan Joker show could give us that same level of performance that Ledger and Phoenix have provided. Joker and Batman will certainly fight in the Matt Reeves storyline.

This new Barry Keoghan Joker show might also introduce us to a more horrific Joker. Although we only saw the character from blurred shots and mostly behind his head, his face looks to be a lot more disturbing than in previous versions. There have been these types of iterations in the comics, and it sounds like Matt Reeves might be bringing those versions together for this new series and films. It would make sense as The Batman was much darker than previous films as well, so a more macabre Joker would certainly fit.

We are not entirely sure when this Barry Keoghan Joker show is going to premiere, but it could be part of the expansive universe that ties into The Batman 2. The Penguin series is going to presumably be released before the sequel, so this new Joker series might follow the sequel. This is just speculation, but it sounds like Matt Reeves’s new deal and our reports indicate that Batman is going to be part of DC’s plans for the foreseeable future.