Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool To Fight A Specific Marvel Villain?

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

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We still don’t know what the plan is for the next Deadpool movie, but there’s been plenty floated around since Ryan Reynolds moved the franchise into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been all kinds of talks of how the character will begin to crossover with the universe as a whole and even what the tone of the new film will be. The latest rumor from insider Daniel Richtman has it that Reynolds even has a specific guy in mind for the main villain though. Apparently, the plan could be for him to fight Mephisto in this next film. 

This would be an interesting turn for Deadpool if Mephisto was the next villain up for the Merc with the Mouth to fight. The character has been a bit more associated with the spirit world in the past, typically fighting Ghost Rider, and has had a connection to the Infinity Gems as well. While definitely a villain, the spiritual aspect of the character, such as it were, doesn’t seem to totally line up with what’s happening in Deadpool movies, but this could represent a new direction for Ryan Reynolds and company. Mephisto’s character has even traced back some of his origins to the beginning of the Marvel Universe. 

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Again, this is simply a rumor right now about who Ryan Reynolds might want in this next movie. It sure seems like there are a lot of ways to take things now that they have the entirety of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to work with. Mephisto does tie into the Infinity Gauntlet saga as well, and in the original storyline from the comics was working with Thanos in the quest to get all of the rings. He was left out when they put the Avengers movies together but could get into the action here. 

What happens with the next Deadpool remains to be seen. It will be the first time the character appears in the MCU after two wildly successful solo movies. And while production and story creation might be beginning to ramp up, there also appear to be some broader things to iron out as well. Some rumors have it that Ryan Reynolds and Disney are at odds over whether this next movie will retain its R-rating and tone from the past. 

The key to Ryan Reynolds’s success in the first two Deadpool films was the no-bolds-barred approach to both the violence and the overtones as well. From a comic book movie perspective, it was totally divergent from what we’d seen in the past and most definitely not a Disney film. That apparently is a point of contention moving forward. Neutering the character and script for the sake of making it studio-friendly would change the entire complexion of the franchise. 

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Before any of this happens, Ryan Reynolds remains one of the busiest actors around. He’s got The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, Free Guy, and Red Notice all releasing this year. Plus there’s Clue and Christmas Carol both in the works as well. These are all set to hit the big screen before Deadpool 3 finally makes its way there. And I’m sure we will hear plenty more rumors along the way, Mephisto appearances or not.