Robert Pattinson’s Best Movie Just Got An Awesome New Upgrade

Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe's The Lighthouse is getting a new collector's edition with documentaries, deleted scenes, director's commentary, and a 64-page booklet filled with additional information.

By Phillip Moyer | Updated

In 2019, The Batman star Robert Pattinson appeared in The Lighthouse, a low-budget independent film that managed to gain widespread critical acclaim despite having relatively modest (but profitable) box office returns. The Robert Eggers-directed film received a Blu-Ray and DVD release, but now producer A24 has announced the creation of The Lighthouse: Collector’s Edition, which offers plenty of little goodies for fans of the film.

Included in the collector’s edition are multiple documentaries about the movie, director’s commentary, deleted scenes, and a 64-page booklet. This booklet includes storyboards, production design drawings, a shirt pattern, and behind-the-scenes photography of Robert Pattinson and the rest of The Lighthouse cast and crew. The whole thing comes in a pretty fancy-looking case for those who care about their Blu-Ray collection’s aesthetics. 

The story behind the film The Lighthouse is an interesting one — it’s based on a story of the same name that Edgar Allen Poe tried to write, but found himself unable to finish on account of the fact that he died. Max Eggers decided he might as well finish the story himself since he wasn’t dead. He worked with his brother, director Robert Eggers, to write a screenplay based on the story, which eventually turned into the Robert Pattinson-starring version of The Lighthouse that we have today. 

Poe didn’t get far into his story, having written only four pages before his death, but the final version that the Eggers brothers came up with differs greatly from the original tale. The original story involves a man becoming paranoid while tending to a lighthouse alone. Meanwhile, the film features Inside star Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as two keepers of the titular lighthouse — and while the theme of the story revolves around madness (much like Poe’s unfinished story seems to), much of the conflict comes from the bickering between the two keepers, rather than the insanity that comes from isolation. 

Robert Pattinson in The Lighthouse

In a way, the Robert Pattinson version of The Lighthouse has more to do with the 1801 Smalls Lighthouse Tragedy, in which two lighthouse keepers known to fight publicly were tending the lighthouse at the same time. One of the keepers died in what was reportedly a freak accident, and the other felt that he couldn’t dispose of the body without being accused of murder. While the plot of The Lighthouse differs from the details of the tragedy, the Eggers brothers say that they took inspiration from the tale when trying to finish the Edgar Allen Poe story. 

The end result is a film that mixes the two stories together, with Robert Pattinson’s character going mad as he tends the lighthouse alongside his supervisor whose previous partner also went mad (and who might just be mad himself). The film is full of surreal and grotesque imagery, which worsens as the pair find themselves stranded in the middle of a storm.

For huge fans of Robert Pattinson or surreal movies, it might be worth picking up a copy of The Lighthouse: Collector’s Edition.