Robert Pattinson Fighting To Be The Only Live-Action Batman?

There are several Batmans running around. Can Robert Pattinson change that?

By Faith McKay | Published

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There are some industries for quiet, mild-mannered and modest people. Hollywood doesn’t seem built for them. Over the years, insiders have always told stories of actors with ego problems, fighting with studios and co-stars to keep the spotlight on themselves. According to a new rumor from insider Daniel Richtman, Robert Pattinson sounds like he’s having a difficult time accepting that he may not be the only Batman in the current DC cinematic universe. Of course, in this case, that may be something audiences are also struggling with, though for different reasons.

Daniel Richtman has shared with his Patreon page that he hears Robert Pattinson is wanting to make sure that his character in The Batman will be the main Bruce Wayne of the DC Extended Universe. This is all the insider shared, and it’s only a rumor, but if true, is one that will make many roll their eyes. There are a lot of problems with that request from Pattinson. For one thing, he’s the new guy around. We haven’t even seen him on screen yet. While many were excited after getting a glimpse in The Batman trailer, that doesn’t make him anyone’s favorite Bruce Wayne yet. He’s joining a long history of Batmans. For another thing, what does Pattinson even think he can do to “make sure” that his character is the “main” one?

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Right now, we actually have more Batmans than ever. While Robert Pattinson is waiting for The Batman to hit theaters, Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are both going to be Batman in The Flash for the DC Extended Universe. Michael Keaton is reprising his role after several decades. It’s expected that we’ll be seeing him in more DC films soon. While it’s possible that The Flash will be the last time we see Ben Affleck as Batman, that seems to be entirely up in the air. He has had a rough few years in his personal life. He has come across as unsure about his acting future. It’s entirely possible he’ll come back in a big way and end up with more Batman movies, but it’s just as possible he’ll retire from acting entirely.

But is there much chance of DC promising Robert Pattinson that they won’t hire another new Batman tomorrow? Absolutely not.

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The Batman is said to be taking place on Earth 2, meaning that Robert Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne exists in an alternate timeline for DC. Tomorrow, DC may buy a script for a whole other Batman, as they have done with Superman. They recently hired Ta-Nehisi Coates to write a Superman script, where Henry Cavill, who played Clark Kent in Justice League and Man of Steel, won’t be appearing.

Witnessing what is happening to Henry Cavill, who has played Superman for years and seems to be forgotten, it makes perfect sense that Robert Pattinson may be feeling uneasy being attached to DC. This isn’t like a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where a superhero may stay around in the franchise for ten years if they’re well-liked and successful enough. Pattinson is going to be in The Batman, but how many other versions of his character may audiences be seeing in the coming years? And how may that detract from audiences’ understanding and enjoyment of his character? These are real problems the actor may be concerned about. Unfortunately, they’re also likely things he has little control over.