The Psychological Thriller On Free Streaming That Stephen King Loved

By Steven Nelson | Published

Dive into the intricate web of secrecy and suspense with The Neighbor, a thrilling 2017 drama now available for streaming free on Amazon Freevee. Starring William Fichtner as the mysterious Mike, this film takes you on a journey through the labyrinthine corridors of human relationships and hidden lives that unfold right next door.

Tune in to witness how an ordinary neighborhood cul-de-sac transforms into a nerve-wracking battlefield of tension, mystery, and unexpected alliances.

The Neighbor, starring William Fichtner, is streaming on Amazon Freevee

Plus, master of thriller and suspense, Stephen King, couldn’t resist heaping praises on The Neighbor. In a tweet, King heralded the film as “low-key,” yet couldn’t hold back his admiration for William Fichtner’s powerful performance. King, who has an eye for the exceptional, highlighted Fichtner as “one of America’s great unsung actors”. 

This endorsement from the literary and horror maestro himself adds a layer of intrigue and depth, beckoning audiences to explore the engrossing performance that has captured King’s attention.

In the under-the-radar thriller, The Neighbor, audiences are plunged into the daily life of Mike, a middle-aged man portrayed with a subtle depth by William Fichtner. The story unfolds in a quiet suburban neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, yet secrets lurk behind closed doors. 

Mike’s life is seemingly mundane, entrenched in routine and solitude. However, as he becomes increasingly engrossed in the life of his new next-door neighbors, a young couple with their set of troubles, the boundaries between neighborly concern and obsession start to blur.

The movie weaves a complex web of relationships, secrets, and tensions as Mike finds himself caught in a series of escalating events that threaten to unveil dark truths lurking underneath the surface of suburban calm.

As viewers delve deeper into Mike’s world, they are confronted with questions about morality, the facades people maintain, and the complex dynamics of neighborhood relationships. Every unfolding event in this tense narrative drags the viewers closer to the edge of their seats, eager to unravel the mystery that The Neighbor hides in its core.

Despite its relatively low profile, The Neighbor managed to find a firm footing in the realm of suspenseful thrillers, even catching the eye of the master of horror and suspense, Stephen King. Critics have noted the film’s ability to cultivate a slow-burning yet gripping atmosphere that builds up to a tense crescendo. 

Much of the acclaim is directed towards William Fichtner’s restrained yet powerful performance, where he meticulously crafts a character brimming with complexity and depth.

Aside from the praise from King, the movie has found a niche audience who appreciate its grounded approach to storytelling, steering clear from the exaggerated theatrics often found in the thriller genre. The cinematography and direction have been acknowledged for complementing the narrative’s dark undertones perfectly, creating a claustrophobic setting that echoes the internal turmoil of the characters.

Jessica McNamee and Michael Rosenbaum

However, the movie has also faced criticisms for perhaps being too subdued at times, with some viewers wishing for a more explosive resolution to the mounting tension. Some critics pointed out certain plot developments as predictable, slightly marring the overall suspenseful setup. 

Nevertheless, The Neighbor stands as a testament to the effectiveness of character-driven thrillers, weaving a dark and immersive tale that leaves viewers contemplating the complexities of human relationships and the secrets that bind us.

In conclusion, The Neighbor emerges as a hidden gem in the thriller genre, deftly showcasing William Fichtner’s potent yet underappreciated acting prowess. While it might not be laden with the high-stake dramatics often found in mainstream movies, it offers a deep, tense exploration of human relationships and secrets that lurk in suburban anonymity. 

Its recognition by Stephen King signifies its merit and is a beacon for those seeking a quiet but profound cinematic experience. Don’t miss this understated thriller that’s streaming free on Amazon Freevee, where the simmering tensions and captivating performances are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.