Pokemon Star Finally Gets What He Deserves 25 Years In

Ash Ketchum has finally become the Pokemon master after 25 years.

By Ross Tyson | Published

History was made in the world of Pokemon and reality today, as the long-running show finally gave series protagonist Ash Ketchum his well-deserved World Championship win. From Variety, after twenty-five long years of Ash being ten years old and taking L after L in Pokémon Leagues (Pokémon: Sun and Moon being the sole exception), the young trainer from Pallet Town has finally reached his goal in the newest episode of Pokémon: Ultimate Journeys.

Pokemon has followed the adventures of series protagonist Ash Ketchum since it debuted in the late nineties, with what is retroactively called named Pokémon: Indigo League. Beginning with Ash leaving his home of Pallet town with his less-than-enthusiastic Pikachu, fans have grown with the tenacious trainer as he conquers opponents and moonlights saving the world from time to time.

pokemon ash ketchum

While Pikachu has been the Pokemon mascot and Ash Ketchum’s only constant companion throughout the years, the series brought back some old favorites to celebrate. Pikachu, when briefly knocked out by the reigning champion’s Charizard, sees a vision of Ash’s former teams from throughout the years. In one of the most cathartic scenes for fans of the series, previous Pokémon from Butterfree to Greninja made appearances to cheer Pikachu on to victory.

Even though it’s a massive win for Pokemon fans and Ash Ketchum alike, everyone is wondering where the series can go now. With Ash finally becoming the Pokémon Master everyone believed he would, is there anything left to conquer? While nothing has been made official, fans were left with a tease at the end of the episode regarding legendary Pokémon Mew and even Ash’s long-running rival Gary making an appearance.

Pokemon fans may have gotten the ultimate serotonin boost with Ash Ketchum’s victory, but that’s only the beginning of the Pocket Monsters November takeover. Later this month, Pokémon: Scarlet and Violet will usher in the ninth generation of Pokémon, and be the 122 official Pokémon game. The newest duo of entries promises to bring fresh gameplay and updated graphics to the long-running franchise.

Beginning in 1996 as the video game Pocket Monsters on Nintendo’s original Game Boy handheld, Pokémon was soon ported to America. While the show followed not long after, many fans didn’t discover the Pokemon games until seeing Ash Ketchum’s adventures on the small screen, the games took the entire world by storm in next to no time. 

So, what keeps the series relevant? It certainly doesn’t hurt that Pokémon is incredibly accessible to newcomers and old-school fans alike. With new Pokemon games selling out year after year and Ash Ketchum’s (as of now) completed quest of becoming a Pokémon Master, there has always been some way for new fans to enter the franchise. No doubt keeping such a consistent degree of quality has a large part in keeping stalwart trainers coming back for more.

With one heartwarming episode and some fantastic animation, Pokemon and Ash Ketchum alike have realized a dream most thought may never happen. Now a World Champion and with all the friends made along the way there to cheer him on, Ash Ketchum can embark on a new adventure past the Pokémon Leagues and into a whole new world of adventure.