See The AI That Turns People Into Pokemon

A new AI program is turning famous people and pop culture icons into Pokemon.

By James Brizuela | Published

Artificial intelligence is now being used online to create images of people pulled from search engine databases, for instance, someone recently turned John Wick into a Pixar movie. Now, a new program has been created by Justin Pinkney, which turns people or popular pop culture icons into Pokemon. Why this program would need to exist in the first place is beyond us, but the above images show many different people transformed, including former President of the United States, George Bush.

Some of the other Pokemon-transformed people are former President Barrack Obama, Hello Kitty, and what looks to be Donald Trump. Again, we are not sure why this program exists, but some of the results are quite hilarious. Pinkney has also noticed the AI program is now starting to gain some traction, and he has stated that updates of the program are coming soon, as the program is not perfect right now.

There are plenty of programs that allow people to turn themselves into a character from The Simpsons, or any manner of animated property, but none that morph people into a nightmare fuel version of themselves as a Pokemon. We would assume this AI program is going to be exploited to some degree, as people are going to want to see their favorite celebrities as fighting animals.


Anyone interested can go visit the website made by Pinkney, which will pull anything from the internet through a text-based program that then turns that searched person or thing into a Pokemon. The examples from the above images are on the front page of the website, including one made from Yoda and Totoro. If you have ever wondered what Goku from Dragon Ball Z would like as a Pokemon, this could be your chance.

AI is being used in many ways now, apart from these random search engines that are plastered all over social media. We are not saying that the robot uprising could happen by learning about the most searched items from people in these programs, but if sentient 3D-printed Pokemon hybrid humans come after us, you are all to blame.

We know how bizarre the above statement sounds, but then again, isn’t it bizarre that AI is being used to turn random people into Pokemon, to begin with? Still, we do see the humor in using this program, and the examples provided are quite hilarious. We especially think the above Boris Johnson Pokemon is quite terrifying, and we would certainly not want that thing to come after us in the wild.

Pokemon has been a storied franchise that was created in the 1990s and has since exploded into a cultural phenomenon, and it could be that Pinkney is paying homage to his favorite anime/card battle property, albeit in a bizarre way. Still, fans can now head to his website and experience their own mad scientist experiments to see what horrific humanoid Pokemon they come up with. As long as AI is not being used to further the advancements of the robot uprising, we are here for it.