Nicolas Cage Reveals Superman Shoot, Calls AI ‘Nightmare’

By Zack Zagranis | Published

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For the five or so people who actually went and saw The Flash earlier this year, it was quite a shock when Nicolas Cage popped up on screen. The awkward CGI avatar based on Cage’s aborted Superman Lives project from the ’90s was assumed at the time to be completely machine-made.

Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter Cage claims he filmed something for The Flash—just not what ended up on screen.

Nicolas Cage In The Flash

“When I went to the picture, it was me fighting a giant spider,” Nicolas Cage said while bravely admitting that he was one of the five people to buy a ticket for The Flash. “I did not do that. That was not what I did.”

Cage continued, referring to the scene in the film where his Superman fights a giant spider-like creature with laser eyes.

According to Cage, what he actually filmed was Superman staring through a dimensional portal and watching somberly as the universe was destroyed.

On Set Three Hours

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“Kal-El was bearing witness [to] the end of a universe,” Cage further explained. The 59-year-old actor went on to describe how hard he worked to convey the appropriate emotions with no dialogue and only his eyes and facial expression.

According to Nicolas Cage, he was on set for only three hours in total.

AI Nightmare

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If Cage seemed critical of the post-production CGI tomfoolery DC did with his likeness, it’s nothing compared to his feelings about AI.

“AI is a nightmare to me,” Nicolas Cage said in a recent interview. “It’s inhumane. You can’t get more inhumane than artificial intelligence.” Cage went on to say that he would be extremely sad if his art were appropriated by AI to create something.

Nicolas Cage And Tim Burton

nicolas cage superman

Nicolas Cage compares his opinion of AI with that of would-be Superman Lives director Tim Burton.

Burton has, in the past, made his feelings on AI very clear, specifically in regard to an instance where someone used AI to make Disney characters in the director’s distinct art style.

Burton compared seeing the AI images of his work to the old belief some cultures had that having their picture taken would steal their soul. “What it does is it sucks something from you. It takes something from your soul or psyche that is very disturbing.” said the director.

Nicolas Cage Still Praises Andy Muschietti For Flash

Despite his disappointment with the way his likeness was used in The Flash, Nicolas Cage has nothing but love for Flash director Andy Muschietti.

The actor called Muscheietti a “terrific director” and a “great guy.” Cage also professed his love for Muscheietti’s two IT movies.

Up next for Nicolas Cage is the film Dream Scenario, hitting theaters on November 10. The movie features Cage as a man whose life is thrown into upheaval when millions of strangers suddenly start dreaming about him.

The movie is getting rave reviews from critics, with many pointing out that the film may be Cage at his funniest.

The Nicolas Cage Cameo

For those curious enough about Nicolas Cage’s cameo in The Flash to sit through the entire 2-hour and 24-minute movie, The Flash is streaming now on Max. For fans who don’t hate themselves that much, the clip of just the Nicolas Cage scene can be found on YouTube.