Pat Sajak Final Wheel Of Fortune Episode Set

By April Ryder | Published

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Pat Sajak informed the world in June 2023 that he would be retiring from his role as the longstanding host of Wheel of Fortune at the end of Season 41. Today, Sajak taped his very last episode of the show, which included a special “farewell” sendoff for the beloved host. 

The End Of An Era

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Pat Sajak’s final episode as host of Wheel of Fortune is now officially set to air on June 7 of this year. Sajak will remain on as a consultant for the show for the next three seasons, but his time in the spotlight will soon end. 

A 43-Year Run

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Pat Sajak hosted the popular game show Wheel of Fortune for 43 years. His run began in 1981 when there was still a daytime and nighttime version of the show. During that era, Sajak pulled double duty, hosting both versions for a time. 

Longest-Running Game Show Host In History

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Over the years, Pat Sajak has won three Emmys for his work on Wheel of Fortune, and he won a Lifetime Achievement Award for his role on the show as well. In Season 36 of the show, Sajak officially surpassed The Price is Right’s Bob Barker as the longest-running game show host ever in the Guinness Book of World Records

A Vietnam Veteran

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A lesser-known achievement of Pat Sajak (before he ever dreamed of hosting Wheel of Fortune) was that he spent time in the U.S. Army as a disc jockey during the Vietnam War. If you’ve ever seen the Robin Williams flick Good Morning Vietnam, documenting the life of Adrian Chonauer, Sajak did that job. He even followed the Cronauer tradition and started every bit by exclaiming, “Good morning, Vietnam!” 

What Happens To Vanna?

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For those who grew up watching Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune every weekday with their parents or grandparents, his last episode marks the end of an era. What’s going to happen to Vanna White, you ask? No worries, she’s staying with the show for a bit longer. 

The New Host

As it was announced last year, Ryan Seacrest is still in line to take Sajak’s place as host when Season 42 begins airing. Seacrest will also snag a credit as a consulting producer for the popular game show. Why not? Seacrest can do anything! 

For the fans, it may be sad to see Pat Sajak end his run as host of Wheel of Fortune, but it’s nice to see that the show already has a solid replacement. Jeopardy! hasn’t been the same since Alex Trebek’s final episode as host aired in 2021. It’s hard to replace a legend, but it seems Wheel of Fortune lined up another legend to take Sajak’s place. 

The Hardest Working Man In Hollywood

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Ryan Seacrest is more than capable of taking the reigns from Pat Sajak and leading Wheel of Fortune into the next generation. Maybe the talented host will settle down a bit now and stop being such an overachiever. Seacrest has hosted American Idol since the show began, Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration, E!, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and numerous radio shows. His production resume is just as long.