The Sci-Fi Time Travel Movie On Netflix That Needs More Attention

By Steven Nelson | Published

time trap

Ever felt like time’s slipping away too quickly? Enter the world of Time Trap, a mind-bending adventure that takes this concept to a whole new level. Streaming on Netflix, this 2017 cinematic journey propels its viewers into a mysterious cave where the laws of time simply don’t apply.

Dive into this unique narrative that masterfully blends the thrills of exploration with the wonders of science fiction, and trust us, you’ll emerge asking where all the time went. Whether you’re a sci-fi aficionado or just someone hunting for that next intriguing watch, Time Trap promises a temporal experience you won’t soon forget.

Time Trap came out in 2017 and explores time travel through a portal in a mysterious cave

Time Trap spins a tale that ventures into the perplexing anomalies of time. The narrative kicks off with Professor Hopper, played by the talented Andrew Wilson, who is driven by a mysterious disappearance years prior. When he and a group of his students set off to search for their missing peers, they stumble upon a cave that’s anything but ordinary. Inside, time doesn’t just tick away—it leaps. 

Moments outside the cave’s confines translate to centuries within its walls. As the crew delves deeper, they encounter remnants of varied eras, from ancient conquerors to 1960s flower children, all equally trapped in this temporal abyss. Facing dwindling resources and the age-advancing effects of the cave, the expedition becomes a frantic race against time itself.

Behind the camera, Time Trap owes its distinct vision to co-directors Mark Dennis and Ben Foster. They successfully weave a plot that oscillates between tension and wonder, ensuring viewers are as invested in the characters’ fates as they are in the overarching temporal puzzle.

Alongside Andrew Wilson’s Professor Hopper, the film features a passionate cast: Cassidy Gifford shines as the tenacious Cara, Brianne Howey brings depth to her portrayal of Jackie, and Reiley McClendon injects a spirited energy into his role as Taylor. Together, this ensemble breathes life into a premise that demands a balance of heart, curiosity, and survival instinct.

Time Trap garnered a mixed bag of reactions from critics, with some lauding its imaginative concept while others found fault in its execution. A key highlight for many was the film’s inventive take on time travel, setting it apart from other genre entries.

Time Trap is sitting at 62% on Rotten Tomatoes

Critics acknowledged the ambitious storytelling of Mark Dennis and Ben Foster, especially given what was presumably a tighter budget compared to blockbuster sci-fi flicks. It’s sitting at 62 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, giving credence to this mixed-bag idea.

time trap

However, not all assessments were glowing. Some reviewers felt that the movie’s pacing lagged in places and its character development left a bit to be desired. There was a consensus among a section of critics that, while the premise was intriguing, the narrative sometimes struggled to keep up with its own complexity, occasionally leaving the audience more bewildered than bewitched.

In the audience sphere, reactions were also varied. Many viewers appreciated the film’s fresh perspective on a well-trodden genre, and its indie charm resonated with those tired of formulaic big-studio productions. In contrast, others expressed a desire for a more polished storyline and tighter character arcs.

In essence, Time Trap positioned itself as a divisive film: while it might not have been a universally acclaimed masterpiece, it certainly staked its claim as an interesting, thought-provoking addition to the realm of sci-fi cinema.

Time Trap Compared To Other Time Travel Movies

When placing Time Trap on the spectrum of time travel movies, it’s impossible not to acknowledge the rich tapestry of films that have played with this concept. Classics like Back to the Future provide a more light-hearted, adventure-centric spin on time manipulation, with Marty McFly’s escapades through various epochs becoming iconic.

On the other hand, Time Trap leans more towards the mysterious and cerebral, sharing a kinship with films like Primer, which is renowned for its intricate, almost puzzle-like narrative on time travel.

time trap

The grandeur and heartache of time’s fleeting nature is poignantly portrayed in The Time Traveler’s Wife, while Time Trap emphasizes the dire consequences of getting stuck in a temporal loop. And then there’s 12 Monkeys, a dystopian depiction of time’s nonlinear nature, where the stakes are much higher, concerning the fate of humanity itself.

In the midst of these cinematic giants, Time Trap carves its own niche. It might not boast the pop culture status of Back to the Future or the deep philosophical musings of Primer, but its unique blend of adventure and intrigue ensures it’s more than just a footnote in the annals of time travel cinema. It offers a fresh perspective, a unique setting, and enough twists to keep even seasoned time-travel enthusiasts on their toes.

In all, it’s worth it to catch up with Time Trap on Netflix, an underrated sci-fi movie that’s been all but forgotten in such a short time. But there is a way to correct that now by streaming it on the platform.