NBC Reveals Fall TV Lineup Includes Repeats

By Jessica Goudreault | Published


As Hollywood writers and actors continue their strike against the entertainment industry, people are wondering how it will affect upcoming TV shows and films. One of the areas we are already seeing an impact is in TV shows this fall. NBC just released their fall TV lineup, and the impact of the strikes is clearly apparent from the number of repeated episodes and replaced shows, reveals Deadline.

Feeling the impact of the Hollywood strikes, NBC is going to air repeats of five series during the upcoming Fall season.

NBC has confirmed that they will air repeat episodes of five of their most popular TV shows this fall: America’s Got Talent, The Irrational, Chicago dramas, Law & Order dramas, and Dateline NBC.

TV networks don’t always like having to air repeat episodes of their hit TV shows in order to fill space, but this fall, they are going to have to do what they can to fill their schedules. One of the main reasons that TV networks don’t like having to repeat content is that they don’t make as much money as when they air the original episodes.

Since viewership is at its highest during the airing of the original episode, companies are willing to pay more for advertisements during these time slots, as opposed to during a rerun episode later in the week.

While NBC will air several repeat episodes of their favorite TV shows this fall, they will still air new episodes of other TV shows.

Chicago Fire

One of the top NBC shows this fall will be Magnum P.I., which will air the second half of its fifth and final season on Wednesday nights. The dramatic action series has already shot its final ten episodes, so the Hollywood strikes have not impacted it.

Magnum P.I. and Quantum Leap already finished filming episodes, which means NBC can keep airing them while the strikes shut down Hollywood.

The sci-fi adventure series Quantum Leap has also shot several episodes and is ready to go this fall after it was renewed for its second season in December of last year. Two new shows that are greenlit for the fall include the missing-persons drama Found and the dramatic show The Irrational starring Jesse L. Martin.

Two shows that will be missing from the NBC fall lineup are the sitcoms Night Court and Extended Family. Night Court aired its first season earlier this year, while Extended Family has yet to air its first episode. Both shows have been impacted by the writers’ strike and the actors’ walkout.

quantum leap reboot
Quantum Leap

While NBC is filling timeslots with repeat episodes, their competition is relying heavily on unscripted content like reality TV shows and game shows that do not require WGA writers or SAG-AFTRA actors.

NBC isn’t the only network struggling, ABC and CBS are adding new reality shows and re-airing streaming series, like Yellowstone.

ABC released their fall schedule that is full of shows like Dancing with the Stars, Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, The $100,000 Pyramid, and the long-awaited season of The Golden Bachelor. CBS will also be airing plenty of reruns in addition to their many competitive TV shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race.

The network will also be airing acquired series, including the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, allowing broadcast viewers to catch up on the hit TV show starting from Season 1.

This is just the first wave of effects from the ongoing Hollywood strikes, and we anticipate many more projects to be impacted for the following year and perhaps even further.