Monster Hunter: Milla Jovovich Battles Dragons In The First Trailer

Milla Jovovich is ready to take another shot at a monster video game, this one aptly titled Monster Hunter. And now the first trailer is here.

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Monster Hunter trailer

Milla Jovovich, who has already taken on the Resident Evil franchise (some good, some bad) with its six films, is ready to take another shot at a monster video game, this one aptly titled Monster Hunter. And now the first trailer is here.

Jovovich + Soldiers + Military Weapons + Large Monsters = a Paul W.S. Anderson movie. As the newly released Monster Hunter trailer reveals, the movie looks to be big and loud and mindless and if one is willing to disengage the brain for an hour and a half or so, one could have a fun time at the local cineplex, providing they open. At the moment, Monster Hunter is scheduled to be released in the movie theaters on December 30, 2020. Not a bad way to take a step toward 2021. Let’s hope the release date stays firm.

You’ve got to give Milla Jovovich some credit. Taking on movie adaptations of popular video games is never a sure thing and can be many times downright horrible versions of a fun game. Take for instance Assassin’s Creed, Doom, Warcraft, Max Payne, Street Fighter, and of course, the miserable Alone in the Dark. These are but a few. Filmmakers across the globe have tried valiantly at times to capture on film what game makers have already accomplished with their video games.

Monster Hunter, the Capcom video game series, has been around for quite some time. It was introduced back in 2004 as Monster Hunter and since then has seen four more versions, Monster Hunter 2, Monster Hunter Tri, Monster Hunter 4, and Monster Hunter: World. There is also a sixth on the horizon, Monster Hunter Rise, with a release date set for March 2021. There have also been plenty of spin-offs and expansions of the popular game. This obviously gives the filmmakers plenty of material to hone from.

Monster Hunter

Speaking of filmmakers, once again Paul W.S. Anderson is back at the helm of a Milla Jovovich movie (they are, of course, husband and wife). Anderson had been the “mastermind” of the Resident Evil series and looks to be bringing Monster Hunter along as another potential series. Let it be known, as this may not come as a shock to Monster Hunter game players and those who follow Anderson’s movies, there are vast differences between the two entities.

The initial video game follows an individual hunter who can choose from various weapon-types to go out and hunt big monsters. The hunter is typically protecting a village or even doing research on these big creatures. So, where does Anderson’s version differ? Pretty much in every aspect.

Jovovich portrays Lt. Artemis, the leader of a group of ragtag soldiers (already beginning to sound familiar?) who somehow, during a mission, are transported to another dimension where huge monsters run the show. The ragtag group includes Tip “T.I.” Harris (Single Ladies), Meagan Good (Think Like A Man 1 and 2), Diego Boneta (Terminator: Dark Fate), and martial arts legend Tony Jaa who plays The Hunter. There is also word on the street that Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman makes an appearance.

Monster Hunter’s Star: Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich is definitely no stranger to the sci-fi action flick. Her first one out of the gates was one of her most memorable when she starred as Leeloo in the Luc Besson helmed The Fifth Element. The fact that Jovovich didn’t speak once lick of English in the movie didn’t take away from the fact she was quite easy on the eyes and handled her action sequences like a pro.

This would only be the beginning for Jovovich in terms of sci-fi action. She has, over the ensuing years, also found herself in other genres of film (Dazed and Confused, Zoolander 1 and 2, The Three Musketeers, A Perfect Getaway (very underrated film), Bringing Up Bobby) but her niche seems to gravitate towards the sci-fi action piece. Besides the aforementioned Resident Evil series and The Fifth Element, Jovovich has also been in Ultraviolet, Future World, Paradise Hills, and Hellboy.