See Megan Fox As A Scantily Clad Stoner In A First Look At Good Mourning

By James Brizuela | 3 weeks ago

megan fox

If you can’t seem to escape news about Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, well, neither can we. Today is 4/20, and as such, it’s the national day of celebration for those who partake in enjoying marijuana. Fox decided to celebrate today by offering fans a first look at the upcoming film in which the couple both star, Good Mourning. This comedy showcases plenty of moments in which weed is the central joke, and that actress’s Instagram post proves that. Her post shows a ridiculously large blunt that is likely a prop in the film for comedic effect. You can see the image below:

The film in which Megan Fox and Machine Gun star host a huge amount of movie stars and singers. Pete Davidson and Whitney Cummings are two of the comics that are shown in the trailer of the film, and Kelly, Gata, and Becky G are just a few of the singers who round out the cast for this upcoming comedy. Fox looks amazing in her purple hair, tight clothing, and clear ability to handle all kinds of weed-smoking apparatuses. The movie looks ridiculous in nature, but then again, a comedy like this is not meant to be taken seriously in any way. Good Mourning follows the life of London Clash, an actor who seems to be on the outs with his current girlfriend. Based on a cryptic text from her, Clash must then find a way to get her back. Fox seems to play the part of the new and unique love interest. You can see the Red Band trailer for the film below:

The trailer showcases plenty of times in which the sultry Megan Fox is shown smoking and saving the day while wearing next to nothing. There is a moment in which she appears to be in lingerie as well. Naturally, she looks amazing as a scantily clad stoner. Plenty of other celebrities inhabits this trailer with cameos, like Tom Arnold and Dennis Rodman. There might also be a moment in which a joint is voiced by the legendary Snoop Dogg. While both Kelly and Fox’s relationship seems to always have negative publicity, you must hand it to them for remaining as a power couple. They continue to break ground on the projects they are involved in, and now the two are releasing a movie with one another.

Megan Fox has most recently appeared in a film called Big Gold Brick, in which she stars alongside Oscar Isaac and Andy Garcia. The film was released on February 25th and has mostly seen bad reviews. The more underground comedy follows Samuel Liston who is tasked with writing the biography of Floyd Deveraux, though Sam finds plenty of hurdles to get through when dealing with the man’s personal life. Fox plays Deveraux’s second wife, Jacqueline, in the film. It seems as if Fox is branching out into more underground and ridiculous comedic ventures. It’s of no consequence to the actress, as she still remains one of the most sought-after names in Hollywood.