Leslie Grace Reveals Batgirl Scenes Will Be Released?

Leslie Grace remains hopeful that clips of Batgirl will one day emerge.

By Douglas Helm | Updated

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It’s disappointing that we’ll never get to see Leslie Grace’s Batgirl film in its entirety, but there’s always a chance some scenes could get leaked in the future. Although the film was essentially locked up in a vault by Warner Bros. Discovery, Grace hopes that some clips may be available for fans to see eventually. In an interview with Collider, Grace said “hopefully maybe in some future, some clips will arise and people will get to enjoy a little bit of it.”

Of course, this is easier said than done. There are plenty of reasons that Warner Bros. Discovery won’t let Leslie Grace’s Batgirl see the light of day in any form. Namely, the fact that they claimed the film as a tax write-off, which means profiting off it in any way in the future could lead to the IRS coming calling for some of that money.

Canceling Leslie Grace’s Batgirl was one of the most controversial decisions made under the new Warner Bros. Discovery regime. Although the film was in the post-production phases with reportedly $90 million sunk into it, Warner Bros. Discovery decided to ax the movie altogether. It was disappointing to fans, to say the least.

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In addition to depriving us of Leslie Grace’s performance as Batgirl, we also missed out on career Renaissance-era Brendan Fraser playing a comic-book villain. All of these creatives involved in the project were disheartened by the decisions, and it’s a shame we’ll never really get to see their visions come to fruition. The best we’ve got is some looks at Grace in her comic-accurate Batgirl suit.

Hopefully, James Gunn and Peter Safran can find a way to bring Leslie Grace back to the DCU in the future. The two are leading the ongoing story of the DCU, and they just announced a ton of new projects. Altogether, Gunn and Safran announced 10 new projects as part of their new plans for DC films.

The question is, could Leslie Grace pop up in any of these new projects? While we have the names of all these projects and some rough ideas of the stories they’ll tell, there aren’t any directors or actors attached. Meaning Grace could easily land a project and appear as Batgirl.

If Leslie Grace did show up in one of these new projects, The Brave and the Bold seems like the most fitting. The Brave and the Bold will introduce a new DCU Batman and the Damian Wayne version of Robin. Batman will be played by a new actor in the film.

Of course, there’s also the Matt Reeves sequel to The Batman which will exist parallel to the DCU as a DC Elseworlds film, which is outside the main DCU continuity. If Batgirl isn’t going to be part of the mainline DCU, it would be easy to find a place for Leslie Grace in the Elseworlds continuity. Regardless, Batgirl is a fan-favorite character, and it seems like she will inevitably be introduced sometime in the future.

Until we get more details on Gunn’s DCU plans, we won’t know what the future holds for Leslie Grace on the comic book side of things. At this time, Grace’s only feature credit is her fantastic performance in the 2021 film In the Heights. She’ll undoubtedly have more offers come her way soon.