See Leslie Grace As Batgirl In First Costume Photo From The Cancelled Project

Leslie Grace has released an image of her Batgirl costume from the canceled HBO Max movie.

By Douglas Helm | Published

leslie grace batgirl

While we probably won’t ever get to see Warner Bros. Discovery’s canceled Batgirl movie, it is cool when we get glimpses of what could have been. The most recent reveal from the doomed project was posted by star Leslie Grace, who gave us the first look at what her superheroine costume would have been. The behind-the-scenes look shows us a very comic-book-accurate suit, with purple and yellow prominently featured in the color scheme.

The canceled Batgirl movie was one of the most shocking and weirdest Hollywood stories in 2022. After WarnerMedia merged with Discovery, CEO David Zaslav began to make controversial and sweeping changes to the company’s IPs. One of the most controversial decisions was canceling the nearly finished Batgirl movie, which had already sunk $90 million into production (via NPR).

Reportedly, the movie was made so that the Batgirl movie could be written off as a loss, saving Warner Bros. Discovery some money on taxes. Of course, fans were not happy with this decision. Many people were looking forward to the film and were extremely disappointed with Zaslav’s decision to ax it.

DC also doesn’t have many female-led films, which is another reason Batgirl‘s cancellation frustrated fans. To add insult to injury, films like The Flash remained safe from Zaslav’s cancellation spree, despite the legal troubles and allegations leveled against star Ezra Miller. It didn’t help that other fan-favorite shows, like DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, were also canceled around the same time.

While fans are going to be angry about the Batgirl decision for the foreseeable future, there’s hope that DC can be revived under the guidance of James Gunn and Peter Safran. Gunn and Safran were put in charge of handling the newly anointed DCU going forward. Of course, this decision has also frustrated some fans.

Although James Gunn and Peter Safran didn’t outright cancel a movie like Batgirl, they did make the decision to cut Henry Cavill out of the DCU going forward. With plans for a younger Superman story, there just wasn’t room for Cavill in their DCU strategy. Also, production was halted indefinitely for the planned Wonder Woman 3 film, so there’s a chance that Gal Gadot may not be a part of the DCU either.

While there are plenty of fans who were frustrated with the Batgirl decision, there is also a subsection of fans who are frustrated with Gunn’s decision to put an end to the Synderverse. Zack Snyder was previously taking the DC film universe in a specific direction, divisive as the direction may have been. Some fans were wanting to see that interconnected storyline come to a satisfying conclusion, but it doesn’t seem like that will be in the cards.

Still, there are plenty of films from the previous regime that won’t be getting the Batgirl treatment. Fans can still look forward to films like Shazam! Fury of the Gods, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Flash, and Blue Beetle. It also appears that Matt Reeves will get to continue to build his Robert Pattinson Batverse, which seems to be disconnected from the larger DCU.

It’ll be interesting to see where James Gunn and Peter Safran do decide to take the DCU. It does seem like there will be some growing pains to get their plan going, but most fans are happy with the decision to let Gunn take the reins. We still won’t be seeing that Batgirl film anytime soon though.