Jon Hamm In The Running For James Bond?

Jon Hamm has compared his Fletch character to James Bond and has stated he would love to play Bond.

By Joshua Jones | Published

The next James Bond continues to be a mystery fans of the spy franchise are trying to unravel. One name who could be in the running for James Bond is Jon Hamm. During an interview with Indiewire, John Hamm spoke about James Bond when comparing the character to his role in his newest film Confess, Fletch.

The characteristics here are similar to that of 007, who has his own favorite cocktail and is great with the ladies. When discussing the comparisons, Jon Hamm admitted that his character, Irwin, and James Bond have “some shared DNA.” The actor said that while Irwin doesn’t have the gadgets that 007 plays with, he does “have his wits” and “his incredible ability to read a room.”

Jon Hamm’s character in the film has much in common with James Bond. Greg Mottola, who directed the 2007 comedy Superbad, is behind Hamm’s next feature film outing. Hamm plays someone who’s great with ladies, witty, and apparently has a thing for cocktails

james bond

Jon Hamm also said he would “love to play James Bond.” Of course, many 007 fans will immediately add the actor to their wish lists. However, it should be noted that the producers behind 007 have not decided who will take over the role after Daniel Craig famously played him for over ten years.

The mystery element in Confess, Fletch also makes it somewhat similar to that of a Bond adventure. The story begins with art theft, murder, and kidnapping and soon becomes a full-blown mystery. While Jon Hamm’s character doesn’t have the fighting expertise of a James Bond, he has his intellect.

Irwin is tasked with finding his girlfriend’s stolen Picasso to save her father and clear his name. The whodunit comedy also compares to Rian Johnson’s mystery thriller Knives Out. Ironically, like former James Bond actor Daniel Craig in Knives Out, Joh Hamm’s character has to untangle a mystery.

When it comes to Jon Hamm’s potentially being the next James Bond, it may depend on whom the franchise producers are looking for and the direction they decide to go in. Amazon bought the rights for MGM and Bond earlier this year. With the marketing and buzz surrounding Amazon’s new Lord of the Ring series, perhaps there is a future for Bond on Amazon Prime Video.

Also, studios are looking to bolster their streaming services with recognizable IPs. 007 is the most celebrated and recognizable action spy in cinema history. Imagine signing an actor of Jon Hamm’s caliber to play James Bond; the return could be massive.

But again, it all depends on what the producers want to do with the character. While Jon Hamm may be a perfect James Bond who’s already experienced in the field, he may not be the right fit for a Bond who’s just starting out. Still, a name like Jon Hamm could do a lot to bring viewers in immediately to a new Amazon series.

For fans who want to see Jon Hamm assume the role of Bond, here’s hoping the Bond producers have read the actor’s comments. Hamm would be a spectacular choice for the role.