JK Rowling Canceled In New Way Sparking Massive Controversy

By Douglas Helm | 3 weeks ago

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JK Rowling has frequently been the subject of controversy, as her views on transgender issues have been the subject of many social media feuds. Most recently, Rowling is in the news for a different recent. A trans author named Gretchen Felker-Martin has recently released a book called Manhunt which is a post-apocalyptic horror novel where men are turned into zombies by a virus. A notable part of the book mentions a scene where Rowling is killed in a fire.

In the book, there are characters that hunt down TERFs. TERF stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist, and it is often a title that social media users have assigned to JK Rowling due to her views. In the book, the TERFs are referred to as “The Knights of JK Rowling. It also features a section where a character talks about a party Rowling had with other TERFs in a Scottish castle, where a character starts ripping into the guests in the middle of the night before a lamp falls over and the castle collapses as people are burned alive. According to Rowling, she has allegedly received death threats in the past as a result of her views.

This is far from the first time JK Rowling has been in the news for her controversial views and it’s unlikely to be the last. Rowling frequently takes to social media to talk about her views regarding gender identity and there is almost always an extended back and forth from other social media users regarding her latest comments. She even got a name check from the reviled Vladimir Putin as he aired his woes about cancel culture (Rowling, for her part, rebuked Putin and mentioned her support for Ukraine).

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JK Rowling is best known as the author of the Harry Potter franchise of books. Though to many people she is now known as a weekly source of Twitter controversy. In response to her alleged views on trans rights, actors like Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have spoken up to solidify their support for the trans community. Fans of the author and the Harry Potter universe who disagree with her views have found it difficult to continue to engage with the wizarding universe, as they are reluctant to support any properties that the author is involved in. Most notably, Rowling has recently worked on the Fantastic Beasts franchise, with the latest entry to the series Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore currently in theaters. The movie has the lowest box office opening for the franchise, so it’s possible this could be the last entry. While five total entries to the series have been planned, there’s no green light yet for the fourth. In addition to the controversies that involve Rowling, the movies have faced several other production headaches. Johnny Depp, who played the primary antagonist Gellert Grindelwald, was replaced by Mads Mikkelson. Another primary actor, Ezra Miller, has faced problems of his own as of late.

While there may be more JK Rowling controversy in the future and while the Fantastic Beasts franchise might be dead in the water, there is still plenty of Harry Potter on the way. A huge RPG video game for the franchise recently released a lengthy gameplay video and a TV series is reportedly in the works at HBO Max.