Jessica Henwick Returning To The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing in Iron Fist

Fans of Marvel’s DefendersVerse have not seen Jessica Henwick portray Colleen Wing in years, but there is hope that she could return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Finn Jones, who played Iron Fist, said that he would love to see the actress back in the MCU, according to While there is nothing confirmed just yet, the conversation could be the start of something bigger.

Jessica Henwick played Colleen Wing in Iron Fist, and now there are rumblings that she could be on her back to the MCU.

Before Disney launched their own streaming service in 2019, it created several Marvel Television shows in collaboration with Netflix. Jessica Henwick played Colleen Wing in a few of these shows, including Iron Fist, The Defenders, and the second season of Luke Cage. Disney has since reclaimed the rights to these shows and is now only streaming them on Disney+ along with a few other new Marvel shows.

While some of the DefendersVerse shows, like Iron Fist, have been canceled, it doesn’t completely rule out a chance for Jessica Henwick to return to the MCU. Finn Jones thinks that Colleen Wing could show up in a Shang-Chi film with the Iron Fist since their characters crossed paths in the comic books. The end of Iron Fist season two also left plenty of opportunities for her character to expand beyond the show’s finale.

Instead of Iron Fist Season 3, Jessica Henwick could return as Colleen Wing in Shang-Chi 2.

At one point, there were talks of a DefendersVerse spinoff show called Daughters of the Dragon, featuring Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and Simone Messick as Misty Knight. The idea for this was teased during an episode of Luke Cage when the two women battled it out in a boxing ring before walking away with mutual respect for one another. It was a clear foreshadowing for the Daughters of the Dragon spinoff, but nothing has been developed for it yet.

Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick in Iron Fist

As Finn Jones said, there are plenty of opportunities for Jessica Henwick to make her MCU return as Colleen Wing. Over the next several years there will be a few MCU projects where she could easily fit in.

Daredevil is set to return to Disney+ in the spring of 2024 with his new show Daredevil: Born Again. It will feature Charlie Cox as Daredevil and Jon Bernthal as the Punisher, so it’s possible that Jessica Henwick could make an appearance, though with production shut down by the strikes, who knows when that could be?

At one point, there were talks of a DefendersVerse spinoff show called Daughters of the Dragon that would feature Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and Simone Messick as Misty Knight.

A sequel to 2021’s Shang Chi is in the works and is supposed to be released in between the next two Avengers films, The Kang Dynasty (2026)and Secret Wars (2027). This would be a great place for Jessica Henwick to return to the MCU since she worked with Shang-Chi in the comic books. However, production on these films keep getting delayed due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes, so their release dates are still very questionable and tentative.

Outside of the MCU, Jessica Henwick is involved in three projects that are all in post-production. She will appear in one episode of the animated TV series Twilight of the Gods, and in the upcoming horror film Cuckoo. Additionally, she is writing, directing, and starring in a short film called The Sandwich Man.  

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